Supernait 2 DR not responding to Narcom 4 handset.

Hi everyone, this may be a bit of a brain teaser, has anyone ever had an issue of the SN not responding to the handset after a power up from 2 weeks shut down - recent lightning storms here?.
The SN is only a couple of years old, also driven by a HC 2 DR.
My handset controls my CDS3 / 555 unit perfectly so there is no issue of old / tired batteries, ( I did try a new set by the way).
I have owned and used Naim equipment for 40 years, including the full 500 set-up front end and never had a problem with the handsets not responding.
Many thanks for any advice.

Well, this certainly did generate a lot of replies and interest!.
Problem was repaired by Naim who said that the “ribbon cable” behind the Naim logo to the IR board was defective!.
Everything running superbly again.


Glad to hear that naim was able to fix it. Sounds like your problem is/was quite rare. My only suggestion would have been to bang/tap on the remote itself, but since it was still operating other items, I really had no ideas. Any way glad it’s up and running. Now you’ll have to find another way to make up for the extra exercise this past month - Changing settings manually. :grin:

Ah Ha, Thank you Benjy for getting back to me!. Naim admitted that after stripping down the unit they made a boo boo fitting the delicate ribbon cable, it was damaged!. They also gave the newish unit the service and check up foc.
It is now running my lovely modified Linn 242 speakers via an array of lovely Naim inputs, and a revealing pair of newish Tellurium Q Black 2 cables.
Exercise…! I watch our Doggy race around the garden, I`m tired out … :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi my Nait 5 11 remote went strange would not switch of the amp display, from forum, just pressed PRE button then DISP button every thing now works

This what you need to do in order for it to work on a pre-amp or integrated…

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