Supernait 2 + Dynaudio Sub 6 hookup

Hi all - I am trying to hookup a Dynaudio Sub 6 to a Supernait 2 as part of 2.1 system and wondered what the best way to do so was. My understanding is a Sub 6 usually goes between a pre-amp and amplifier taking out the low end and passing along the mid and upper frequencies. Obviously I cant do that with an integrated - but the Supernait 2 has a Sub out. Does this automatically cut out the mid-upper frequencies when it is being utilized? Is this a setting? Or does the full signal go through to the speakers along with only low frequencies to the Sub-out?

If anyone knows or is currently doing something similar please let me know - Thanks!

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The sub output on the SN2 is full range. No low pass filtering is applied.

Hi james_n - thanks for the information. Does that mean that I could technically pass a signal from the Sub-out - then through the Sub6 with the low-pass filtered out - and then back to the Supernait 2 through one of the inputs?

If not, is there anyway to separate out the only low frequencies un-amplified for the Sub6 and send the rest, amplified to my Special 40s?

Unfortunately you can’t feed the signal back in to the SN as you suggest via one of the inputs. You’d need a custom adapter cable made up between the pre-out and power amp in sockets (presently connected via a link plug) to put the sub in the loop to use the high pass filter function.

The easiest way would be to leave the main speakers running full range and just have the sub connected via the sub out RCAs, handling the low bass duties via its in built DSP based low pass filtering.

As James advises, you’ll feed a full range sub-out signal to the subwoofer which will then filter out all bar the LF content. The Special 40s will receive a normal output from the Supernait.

You can’t insert the subwoofer between the pre and power sections of the Supernait as the power supply for the pre-amp is within the power section so uses a proprietary connection. Indeed, the whole idea of putting a subwoofer between a pre-amp and power amp is a very odd one - for starters, even with a non-Naim pre/power you’d need two sets of very long interconnects, which, unless balanced, will probably have an adverse impact on overall performance.

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I am about to do the same thing but with a Dynaudio Sub 3 . With a HiCap DR, is it better to connect the sub from the SN2 rca sub out or from an unused 4 pin din socket of the HC.

I’d use the dedicated sub out feed on the SN2. This is happier driving longer sub cables than if you were to take the feed from the Hicap.

Thanks ! I just need a 2 meter cable though so should i expect same performance from SN2 Rca sub out and HC 4 pin din or one will be better than the other ?

The sub output just has some extra series resistors in place to make that output able to happily drive longer cables. You could use the output on the Hicap if you wanted, but would need to incorporate those resistors into the cable instead. I suspect that differences, if any, between the two would be minor so I’d just take the sub output on the SN2 which will be easier to get off the shelf RCA cables for.

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Just for my understanding, if i connect the sub to one of the unused Din 4 output of the HiCap and my cable is just 2 meter long, do i need the resistors ? I saw on Naim price list that their subwoofer cables are 5M or 10M, obviously that’s long, but at 2M is it okay ? What damage could happen ? Thanks !

At 2m long you should be fine - nothing’s going to explode. Longer than that and I’d use the RCA sub outputs on the SN2 or get the appropriate resistor ‘slugged’ cables for connecting directly to the Hicap.

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Thanks :+1:

Hello @bkaudio80 Please, if you want, let me know how it goes with your Dynaudio SUB 6 integration. I am waiting for my SUB 3 and i intent to connect it to an unused DIN4 output of my power supply. The SUB 3 has no DSP so i will have to set it manually .

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