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Hi guys
Before undertaking a fairly large large round trip to my dealer who thinks it’s a factory return, thought I’d ask if anyone had solved this problem I’ve encountered.

Had some free time so thought I’d clean the hifi rack. Powered everything down, disconnected speaker cables, dac and phono stage from my Supernait 2 gave everything a clean and put it back together. One switching it back on I heard what could only be described as a fizz (not the usual thud) from the speakers. I then noticed the mute button was flashing. Reading the manual this suggests either a link plug or power issue.
I powered down again, removed the link plug, reinserted and powered up, mute button still flashing. I tried pressing the mute button and then all lights except the Naim logo went out.
It’s now powered down and it looks like a return but won’t be able to do that for a few days and also hoping it’s not a factory return and a few weeks without it.

Anyone have any ideas I could try?

Sorry to read this. I can’t help but @NeilS might be able to.

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Thanks Christopher.

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Do you have the manual? If you put the link plug back in and pushed the mute button when you re-powered, you may have put it into power amp mode, disengaging the pre-amp. Turn it off again leaving the link plug in, power up, let the mute flash, then select the source once the mute stops flashing.

Yep, what Mike said.


Thanks for the replies guys. The link plug was never out whilst the amp was powered up. Took it out to dust and replaced before powering back up.

When powered up mute was blinking so (not sure why) I pressed mute which caused all lights except the logo to go out and as you guys suggest it may have gone into power amp mode.

Will try again but it has been powered off and on again with the link plug in on a few occasions since the problem occurred.

I’m pretty sure mine always does this for a short period. I wait until it stops, then push the required source button.

Hi Mike
Mute normally comes on for 30secs but it’s constant rather than blinking. The blinking was what caught my eye, probably why I pressed it. :roll_eyes:

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How is it now?

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Hi Guys,

Very frustrating, as I’m sure I’ve seen something similar recently - I’m afraid age is getting the better of me these days. Not a good sign, as I’m only 45!
The fizz from the speakers does suggest a power supply issue, the internal preamp supply as you are using the link plug.
I’d try a hard reset as suggested above - disconnect speakers & switch on while holding mute on the front panel.
If that doesn’t help, I’m afraid it sounds like a repair job. :worried:


Still down. Will try hard reset as Neil suggest and see if that works.

Tried the hard reset you suggest Neil but no different I’m afraid. As you and I feared looks like a return to base for some fettling.

As you say frustrating, had a 2013 Supernait 2 for 7 years and it was faultless, I decide I loved the amp so much I’d replace with an end of line new one which is now barely 2 hrs old. I’ve been a naim user for 30 yr and this is my first issue so shouldn’t really complain. :blush:

2hrs? Wow, that is rotten luck!
Our post build soaking period is designed to catch this exact type of failure.
Apologies for the inconvenience - let’s hope you can get a prompt resolution.


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Auto correct, that’s 2 years. :joy:

:joy: :rofl:

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