Supernait 2 Hum

I wanna ask, if a Supernait 2 produce a humming sound to the speakers when the volume is turned up even if there are no input cable attached and no matter what input was selected, is there something wrong with it? The same hum can be heard in the headphone when it is plugged in which is even more annoying.

I have tried all wall sockets and no matter what I try it’s the same. The only time the hum is stopped is when the mute button is engaged…

Please kindly help.

Sounds normal to me. I’d judge it by how it sounds when actually playing music :wink:

It sucks because the background noise on the speaker was a bit loud but when you plug in the headphone it becomes extremely loud hiss. The headphone is pretty much unusable

Does it still hum when there is a source connected?

yes it does

Is its mains earth properly connected inside the mains plug?

Mine is dead quiet through the speakers with no inputs. With inputs I have a slight hum potential problem but cannot year it until 11 and not from 2m away. The transformer itself hum but that all my Supernaits have done in some extent.

It’s a electronic hum not mechanical…

It is a Naim powerline lite.

it should not hum likle that , i never had that . only when i plugged in a sonos did it hum !

How’s your mains earth?

A bit more background would be good. Has it always done this, it’s just started doing this or have you just acquired it ? New or used if this is the case ?

FWIW, I built a DIY ground cable that goes from the ground knob on the SN2 to a grounded wall socket and now it’s deathly quiet. This was required due to streamer + DAC creating some sort of ground loop. Anyway, easy to test just in case.

My CD connected with coax cable created lots of speaker hum so I changed to optical cable that is cutting the ground circuit.

I definitely think that NAIM should change their logo to a hummingbird. They also come in green.


My SN2 (and the rest of the system) is dead quiet… Of course I use a Shunyata Hydra PLC and Shunyata Power cords… Sounds killer!

So as not to confuse the OP, I read that this is a hum through the speakers, NOT the mechanical transformer hum that can emanate from toroids. These are two rather different things. luau, please confirm that this is indeed the case.

Yes, it is through the speakers. I used the same plug for other Naim products including nac272/200 and Uniti. Only via the Supernait 2 I.have had this problem… Is this a hardware fault?

It may be, but it may not - do you have a good earth on your mains?

Purely for troubleshooting, run an extension cord from several mains outlets that you know are on different circuits to the breaker. Often, earth issues can be via loops from other appliance. That doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the circuit but electrcians often run earth for one circuit and common it with other earths near the breaker.

This test is easy. Won’t fix the issue. But just might narrow things down for you.