Supernait 2 inputs

The aux 1 input on the supernait 2 is rca phono plugs

The aux 2 input is din which also has a power out included

Bearing in mind the power out, if you only use it as an input (special 5 pin din interconnect Connection required) which option has the better sound quality?

If I am thinking of upgrading to a 282 soon it might be wise to hold off getting an Uber expensive one…

I would always go for the DIN input. If the device you connect draws no power, it shouldn’t matter.
The 282 has a couple of phono inputs as well as DINs, so you could still use either option if necessary.

Thanks Chris

If you are planning to use the 282 with the SN2, shouldn’t you remove the link plug and use the pre/power connections? This is how I remember thing from the manual.

Sorry Mulberry should have worded my post better.

I am running a SN2 with hicap DR into a 250DR power amp. It’s probably only a matter of time before the SN2 is removed to fit a 282 (or 252) in its place.

I am getting a second rack (brain/Braun) so the phono preamp to SN2 will require a shorter interconnect

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