Supernait 2 + NAP 250 DR

Is it worth the money?

Not anymore, Snaxo no longer available :cry:

Yes it was the worth the money.

If you have a dealer close by set up some time with them and listen to a couple of tracks with the a SuperNait. Then ask to change configuration to NAC 282 using the power side of the SN. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the improvement in sound. It did exceed my expectations with the enhanced level of detail and overall improvement/enjoyment of the music.

You could also ask the dealer to use the SN preamp section and run into a NAP 250DR if you wanted to hear that.

I wanted to upgrade the preamp section and was quite happy when the dealer came by and installed the 282.

I was not planning to move from the SN 2 to the 250DR for quite some time but a 2 year old power amp was traded in about 2 months after I purchased the 282. So I spoke with the dealer and received good trade in value for my SN 2 and added the 250DR earlier than planned.

Very happy with my system and I enjoy the music each and every day that I am at home. Life is sweet and so is the music…


Thanks for your answer. Sounds very much worth the investment! And yes, in the end it is all about the love for music.


As always this will be source, room & speaker dependant but if you are going to upgrade in that direction then 100% you should get the 282 first it will have the biggest impact on your system.

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Yes, i understand but as written in my opening post, the NAC282 is not available from my dealer here in canada but the NAP 250 DR is. Anyway, since 2023 is so close, i decided to wait, hoping new products will be released for Naim 50th anniversary, like pre and power amp to replace the discontinued NAP 200 and NAC 202 and maybe even a NAC272 replacement.

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Good idea. The wait (long as it’s been) should be worth it…

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I’m also looking forward to the new year and “hopefully” new or refreshed products from Naim. That being said I really enjoy what I have!

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