Supernait 2 or 3 and Linn Speakers

I have a problem. I seem to enjoy Linn speakers more than any other brand I’ve yet to try. They just seem more coherent and musically enjoyable to me despite some obvious downsides at times.

Have members had any success pairing an SN2 or SN3 with any Linn speaker model?

I tend to prefer older Linn models but I’m assuming the Supernaits will match better with a more modern voiced speaker.

This system will have a Radikal LP12 source only.

Ive used a NaitXS & Linn Majik 140s with great success for a couple of years. I then moved on to 252/300 and Shahinian Obelisks. My dealer demo’d the 140s with a Supernait at the time. Simply better.

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Thanks Tom. That’s good to know as that suggests my M109s will also sound good.

Anyone else?

I tried several. Late model Kan 1s were best. Majik 109s worst although they sound good with my Sneaky DS. This was with vinyl and mainly rock/pop.

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