Supernait 2 or nap 250dr

Hi,could someone give me some advice iam running a Linn akurate DSM kat ,ATC 19 V2, what do you think would be the best upgrade,supernait 2 or use my pre in the akurate DSM and put a nap 250dr thanks aceone.

Have you tried the DVC in the Akurate DSM? I think that’s the first thing to confirm since a small number of people much prefer an analogue preamp and perhaps you’re one of them…

Yeah I’ve heard the dvc and I think it is really good .

I’d go for the 250 then.

250DR. That was easy! :wink:

Just to update you all got nap250dr today just plugged it in to my akdsm and it sounds bloody awesome and that’s just out of box ,thanks for all the advice you lot has given me.

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