Supernait 2 plus 250DR

Does anyone have experience of adding a power amp to the sn2 in particular the 250dr? Just wondering about this option as a steppingstone towards 282 250?

Other kit is Spendor A7 and CDX2

I have a SN1 and NAP200 biamping a Proac D15, similar yours but lower configuration

I might be inclined to add a Hicap first, you will need one of these when you moved to 282/250 and normally improving the quality of the pre-amp (which the Hicap will do) is more successful than improving the power-amp.

From reading in this place, it appears that adding a 250DR is a very common upgrade trajectory for SN2 owners. Whether your immediate benefit is greater with a HiCap DR might depend on your speakers. I am not familiar with Spendor – so I have no clue whether they are “power hungry”… I guess others will soon comment on your A7.

Are you in the market for second-hand purchase, or new? If the former, I would simply buy first what comes up first at a good price in the usual places…

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Hi was looking at second hand. I was just really wondering if there were gains to be had at each stage if the swap was done piecemeal or whether it was best to wait and do the upgrade in one go.


I guess the issue is patience and money – if you have no patience but the monies, make the jump. :slight_smile:

I got a 250DR to use with a SN2 driving Dynaudio Contour 1.4LE’s. It was a big improvement over the bare SN2 (deeper bass, more control and drive), but a much bigger improvement came (at a cost) when I then stepped up to a 282. I wasn’t really expecting a huge difference, but it was considerable and a completely different beast…

Have SN1+PSU+NAP200 (previously SN1+PSU)

If you want to biamp it´s ok

but, paying an integrated amp like SN2 to use only the pream section discarding the amp section does not seems to be a good idea, adding a hicap to the equation feels to me even worst.

Yes - I do.

I’ve ran that configuration for a year. Had a HiCap DR too.
SN2 was the pre-amp.

As a stepping stone - OK.
Adding NAP250DR seems to have had very little effect. Of course there was some improvement, but I knew that NAP250DR can do better than that.

It turns out that the pre-amp section of SN2 was starting to be the limitng factor.

Adding 282 was easy as I had a HiCap already.

Suffice to day - 282 stayed, SN2 is back with my dealer.

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Thanks for the responses. I have just re arranged my kit (cdx2 and sn2 now side by side) and routed the cables better and it might be my imagination but it sounds a lot better so that was a free upgrade!

I don’t think the Spendor A7s are very power hungry. So my current thinking is to try out the hicap dr next and after that maybe see if a good deal comes up on 282/250dr.

That’s what I would do.

HiCapDR is a good addition to SN2. You will need an extra SNAIC to connect it - your dealer will advise which one.

And you will need the HiCapDR it to run 282/250DR (assuming you don’t want to run this combo with a SuperCapDR).

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