Supernait 2 power supply upgrades

Hi Folks! I hope you are all having a musical day! I’m seeking a little bit of advice from people with similar experience. I’m considering adding a power supply to my Supernait 2. Should i get a hicap2 or hicap DR. What is the difference between the 2? Especially with the supernait 2 and considering the price difference between the hicap 2 and DR models.
Am I right in thinking that as the SN2 has discreet regulators on the pre amp stage, a hicapDR is the logical way to go?

(Current system for ref: Supernait 2 / ND5XS2 / chord Qutest w/ MCRU power supply / Pioneer DB-UB9000 / Dynaudio Special 40 / NACA5 / Chord Shawline Interconnects
Thanks in advance!

Get the dr one.


I also have the Supernait 2 and ND5XS2. Last week I added a Hi-Cap DR to the SN2 and the difference is not subtle! I’ve no idea how the different Hi-Caps compare, but I can wholly recommend the DR.

As always, ask your dealer to set up a comparison. They’re unlikely to have the SN2, so take your own or do the comparison on a Supernait 3.

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The benefits of an offboard power supply are considerable, albeit subjective, and I think you will find that a non-DR Hicap in good condition will still deliver compared to the Supernait built in supply.
Having said that, I have never heard a Naim preamp of any generation that didn’t respond well to a DR power supply, so if you can find one at the right price, go for it.


I put a HiCap DR on my SN2 and was impressed by the performance upgrade. Highly recommended.



Thanks for the advice! Thats kinda what I was hoping to hear!


Adding any HiCap will make a difference. But the DR version will perhaps hold its resale value better…? Maybe see what you can find, at a price which suits you…?

Whether the difference is to your liking, is… another question entirely… :expressionless:

Okay, I’ve gone for a Hicap DR. I found a goods deal on a used 2022 model. Thank you all for the help and info!


The HiCap DR should come supplied with a SNAIC 5 but you’ll also need an additional SNAIC 4 to fully connect up with.


Yes, I’ve also purchased one of them to go with it. Quick question. Do I need to plug the hicap directly into wall socket mains, like the SN2 etc or can I plug it into a surge protected power extension ? Will this affect the sound ?

Whatever you do, avoid surge protection with Naim kit - it will kill the sound stone dead.

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Will do, thanks !

HiCapDR is a hit! its really given my system more of what I was looking for. Better detail retrieval, tighter imaging and better instrument seperation. You can see a lot further into the mix, and the bass! Whoo mamma! Superior in every way.

Thanks all for the advice!



My Naim dealer described the difference as being like Popeye after he’s eaten his spinach.


…Or similar to Doctor David Bruce Banner turning into Hulk, according to some folklore :rofl:

Seriously though, enjoy, lovely upgrade.


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