Supernait 2 problems

Hi All
I have a smaller system which I use every now and then to listen to second hand records to test them before playing on my main system.
I bought the Supernait 2 for this second hand and have loads of Naim equipment to compare it to. First thought it was odd that it always makes a small pop when switching between inputs. Strange but no biggie and sounds good.
I moved the system a couple of meters and when I put it back together it made a strange pulsing sound and occasional buzz when I reconnected the phono input. I tried different things and it seemed to be the silver Kimber phono cable- when I used another cable it was ok.
I also love vintage stuff, so when I got the chance to get a Nakamichi tape I put it in that system. Again I got the buzz and (occasionally the pulsing sound).
The latest is that one channel now has an intermittent scratchy sound (like the run in on a scratched record) on the right channel. Even after turning it on and off this scratchy sound still comes back.
I have 2 other systems 552/300 and a 272/250- I know Naim kit and never had anything like this.
Has anyone else had anything like this with a Supernait 2? Do you think it’s broken? It still sounds good.
Sorry it’s a long text… Looking forward to hearing your comments

When was your SN2 last serviced…?

Not sure… could it be the caps going off? I know this is a big subject in the Naim community, would be good to know if these kind of sounds are from bad caps and would be solved with a recapping.

Sure sounds like service time to me. Check the serial number and check with a local service agent (if you are lucky enough to have one)

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It could be…?

Check its Serial Number and work out when it was made.

Ser Nos

How often should I service my Naim product? This is a question often asked, and the Service Department recommendations are as follows: for the Chrome Bumper (circa 1975 - 1989) and Olive (circa 1989 - 2000) range products, we recommend every 8 - 10 years and for the newer Black products (2000 - present), every 12 - 15 years.

Deleted, wrong thread.

Serial number is 4127** so it’s 2016. Not that old…

I have a Supernait 2 in my second system also (it’s a great amp), and I have never experienced anything like you describe. Definitely sounds like something is wrong, but you would imagine that the capacitors should still be going strong at just 6 years old (unless defective?). I’d be getting it checked, I think.

Do you have a Naim source you could use on it to test? Just wondering if it’s some sort of earthing issue. A signal earth connected Naim source such as a Naim CD player or Network player (switch earth to chassis) would provide an earth reference.

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Great advice as always from Richard. I should have thought of earthing issues. I didn’t have the problems you describe, but I had a revolving door of amps and lost a lot of money until I had a sparky install a separate spur and he told be that the house wasn’t earthed properly. Once he fixed that, everything that had sounded ‘off’ and wrong, started sounding great. There were a few amps that seemed to cope with the earthing problems better than others (a Nait XS for one), but I could never put my finger on what the problem was until the earthing was fixed and it started just sounding ‘right’.

How much is a typical servicing cost please? Answer is probably the “piece of string” response but it would be nice to have some idea.

At a Naim service agent, in the UK, the minimum is around £200 (for say a HiCap).
More at Naim HQ. Elsewhere - I have no idea.

The cheapest way to get a Naim authorised service is to use Class A in Sheffield. Parts are sourced via Naim and they can organise carriage for you. Give them a call.

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