Supernait 2 speaker pairings

Hello, Seeking advice on what will sound good for a speaker pairing. I know, vague question, but thinking more of what are you running and having great results with? I was running a Rogue Cronus Magnum ii and streaming through a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge to a set of Zu dirty weekends with upgrades, which have all the clarity, detail, imaging I could ask for, but lack the low grunty bass. I tried adding a pair of REL T/9’s and could not get a consistant blend so I sent the subs back. I picked up a pair of used Vandersteen model 3’s simply because they are full range(26 hz-30khz). They ARE full range in my eyes, but their laid back nature sounds veiled in the upper/mid areas from what I’m used to, albeit have tons of low end. This led me to pick up a sn2 and hicap DR thinking it would “wake up” the Vandy’s in the right way. The sn2 definitely has a more alive/forward sound compared to my rogue. I like the alive sound, as long as it’s not overdone, but at times I have too much. I get almost a glare at times. Glare is gone when using the SN2 without hcdr, but bass control is somewhat lost. Thinking I need a different speaker… I know auditioning is the answer but the pandemic has that limited. Any suggestions? Many Thanks

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…not familiar with any of your gear outside of the SN 2 and HiCap DR. I have used ProAc D2’s, Naim Ovator S400’s and ProAc D30RS speakers with my SN 2 and have enjoyed them all quite a bit.

That said it is in my room, my system, my ears. Lots of variables and what is good for one person is not necessarily the same for another. It is tough w/o the easy ability of dealer or home demos. You may want to do a search on SN2 and look at what others are using.

Good luck finding a solution…

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Neat always seem to work well with Naim. I know the Iota alpha and xplorer speakers are not to everyones liking but do sound good. Was considering a Supernait 2 or 3 with Iota Xplorers myself.

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Thanks for reply’s. I’m not familiar with any of this gear either but that’s exactly why I posted. It’s the stuff I don’t know about that I need to check out. No doubt this stuff is subjective, but nice to hear what works and what does not.

Might want to check out Guru Q10s, I have two pairs with one on the end of my Supernait 3/Hicap Dr.

Current ones are mk3s on their website and I have mk1s and mk2s (they slightly changed the model name each time).

They are stand mount/book shelf speakers and don’t look like anything as special as they sound. They specialise on time coherence, and just time better than anything else I’ve tried and have unreal bass response for their size.

I’m using ProAc Studio 140 Mk2’s and enjoy them a lot. But speakers are possibly my next upgrade a few years away… and I’d be interested in seeng what other recommendations there are for a bass head who likes huge cabinets.

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