Supernait 2 & subwoofer

Hi, I own a supernait 2, two ProAc Tablette 10 and two MJ Acoustic Pro50 MKII subwooferq.

What would be the way to connect te subs? The Supernait Subwoofer outputs?
By LFE or by High level input on the amp outputs or on the speaker terminals?



Hi Jort
If the only low level input on your sub is LFE you should avoid it. This is for the low frequency .1 channel in an AV system, not for music.
Naim amps are generally best used with a high level connection, and this is best taken from the loudspeaker input terminals rather than amp output.

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Thanks! Read about it but there were different opinions. The REL website stated the same as you, so will go for that. I’ll try it out.


Rel do say that their subs work best using the high level input, and having listened to a couple of them I would agree, but the low level connection can still work well. The LFE input is not quite the same as a proper 2 channel low level input though.

On my MJ Acoustics there is only Hi Input with Neutrik connection and LFE by Cinch input. Tried the LFE now, had no second Neutrik Connector and even so, it sounded quite good to me using the sub outputs of the Supernait 2. But read about the REL subs. That’s why I asked.
Thanks, I ordered a second Neutrik connector that will arrive today, so will try the Hi input today, connected to the speakers binding posts. Will come back and tell the difference.
Should I respect the Yellow/Black on the left speaker and the Red/Black wires to the right speaker as well? It’s only a mono channel setup, beacouse they are right and left channel separate connected, left speaker to left sub and right speaker to right sub?
Greetings Jort

Seems that the LFE input on the MJ Acoustic Pro50 MKII also acts as a Low level input. So connecting to the sub out of the Supernait 2 won’t be a problem. (When connected to a AV amp and receiving a LFE input signal it switches to LFE).

That will be the reason it sounded ok :wink:

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Hi Chris, I connected the Subs by high level output to my speakers. I did not yet heard a big difference, but I think the timing is more accurate. Due to, not having enough time alone to really play the music like I want it and playing some test tracks I selected. Thanks a lot for all insights, and could you please give me an insight on the questions I asked about the wire to the Hi level Neutrik plugs.

Thanks a lot!

Hi i use hi level connected at the speaker end n made a big difference if u have two …if only one id connect at the amp …upgrade ur cable if u can to bassline blue enjoy ur new sub

Hi, I’m not familiar with your MJ subs, but with Rels you would connect black to - and both red and yellow to + on both channels with most amps. Perhaps you could give MJ a call to confirm that it’s the same with their subs.

Thanks Chris! As Mj Acoustics are almost the same as REL and even use the REL cable I’ll give it a try.

Greetings Jort

Just a note that the quality of the sub plays a part as well. I owned a PMC sub for many years (more than 10 years) and never got a satisfactory result with all speakers which were matched to it. The impact was either negligible or the integration was poor as the added bass stuck out like a sore thumb. The sub was actually doing more harm than good. I changed to a REL earlier this year and finally, satisfactory result. Better late than never.

I don’t know about the MJ subs but if done correctly the results can be rather outstanding especially with small bookshelves such as the Proac Tablette 10. The sub(s) won’t add scale but you will hear a more prominent low bass and clearer or better defined mid bass and upper bass. In summary, more meat on the bones. The overall sound may become slightly fuller and 3-dimensional too.


Hi Ryder, that’s exactly what the MJ Acoustics do, the sound image (3D) is opening up and becomes more prominent. In this case by adding the second (stereo) sub made that essential ad to the overall soundscape. I had the first sub for at least 10 years and didn’t know that by adding a second (stereo) sub did make such a big difference in the imaging of the sound. Happily I found the same sub second hand, that made my system sounding a whole lot bigger. I have floorstand spaekers (Audio Physic Tempo VI), but they never revealed this wide and open soundstage of the little but oh so good ProAc tablettes 10 in combination which the 2 Subs.

Greetings Jort


Good to know. I only have one sub in my system since I’ve blown the budget by getting a high quality one. The second sub will have to wait. Currently I don’t have the space for a second sub anyway unless I have a new room.

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Therefore I have the small MJ Acoustics Pro 50 MK II with a very good value for money range!

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Made some speakerstands. On spikes and with a solid stone surface of marble, filled with damping material. The 2 subs make the image bigger ans make the tablettes sound even huge!

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