Supernait 2 vs bigger brothers

Due to some space constraints I plan to definitely move to a sn2 + psu. Is the gap between this solution and 282+250 enormous?
In my chain there a linn sondek and devore gibbon 3xl
Thanks a lot

I’m about to find out as I’m about to trade up from a SN2 + HiCapDR to a 282/HiCapDR/250DR setup.


Some years ago, I demoed in-home a 282 and 250 (pre-DR era) vs my Supernait2 and HiCap, with Devore Nines, and I did not find the 282/250 to be “worth” the upgrading so kept my SN2 for quite a few more years.

About 9 months ago I finally traded the SN2 and HiCap for a 252/SuperCapDR/250DR…then 300DR…and definitely got a lot of WOW out of the move up the line. But it was a lot of MONEY too.

If you can, try the upgrade at home and “see what you hear.”

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Yes - there is. Been there myself.

The pre-amp section of SN2, whilst fine on its own, is a limiting factor.

Pleaase bear in mind that with a 282+250, a power supply will be required (HiCap or SuperCap).

I did just that but all sourcing from Pre used stuff. Wallet a lot lighter obviously but a very big wow

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Yes my black boxes all were gently used as well. I have no problems being the second owner after only a year or two!

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