Supernait 2 which streamer?

Any advice would be much appreciated, I am using a Nova, and I am thinking of buying a Supernait 2 and a streamer, my budget is not great, although I would have the funds from the sale of the Nova to put towards a streamer, what could I use with the supernait 2 ?

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The obvious, and indeed perfect, match would be the NDX2.

Assuming you want to have the same size case, it’s NDX2, but if budget is a problem, then used NDX is the obvious choice.
NDX will do everything with local (NAS) streaming, but will not match the Nova in some respects of web streaming. To do that you need to look at NDX2, per owned, exdem maybe.

Before you go that far, why not improve the performance of your Nova with a Powerline ?

There is a very clear uplift in performance

As HH says the obvious choice would be a NDX2, the Nova has a lot of internal similarities with the ND5XS2 - so that would not be an obvious choice

I would really like a NDX2 but out of my budget at the moment, looks like I will have to settle with a NDX, thank you for your reply

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If you go for the SN2 , I’d opt for the NDX2 if you can, in order to get the best from the amp. You don’t mention speakers but it would be advisable to try the whole system together if you can. (Not always possible when buying s/h I know)

Thank you for your replies and advice, I have gone and bought a supernait 2, and a NDX, I have not been able to listen to either, I know, but, once I get something in my head I have to do it, hope it goes ok with my PMC 25 23s, the Nova is a very good unit, I hope I haven’t made a mistake, I will post later if I have

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You will be well happy with NDX, but when considering the purchase be sure to check that the screen has been replaced; the original screen display fades, the Naim Service replacements have fixed the problem.
That said my 2014 NDX screen is working fine, but a its good idea to have the display set to go off after a time. I have it set for 10 seconds as find I never look at it other than the rare occasions I play with settings, the real display in on the app.
Also check that the firmware revision, the latest is 4.8.

Sn2 > nova, so no worries there, and it should match well with the pmc speakers.

I would (and did) try the ND5SX2. I have no doubt the NDX2 is the superior machine but for me, for now, the ND5SX2 is good enough. For me this would be preferable to the original NDX as feature wise the ND5SX2 is far superior - something that matters to me.


I had a SN 2 with a NDX for awhile and it was a wonderful combination and you should enjoy the music.

Eventually I upgraded to a NDX 2 and then added a XPS DR power supply. So you have a path to add some improvements to the SN 2 as time goes by…

Thank you, hope to do the same sometime in the future

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I went from Nova to SN3 and NDX2. Very pleased with the upgrade. Not feeling the need to change at all. Paid 4350 for a nearly new (2021) NDX2. Watch ebay you can probably knock a grand off the new price.

Don’t underestimate the abilities of the ND5XS2. I found the Mk1 version a little lacklustre, but the Mk2 is quite capable to my ears. Naim have prioritised performance by leaving out the screen, remote, PSU upgrade, and it’s a smaller case, and it shows. Of course the NDX2 is better but try to listen to the ND5XS2 if you can, you may be surprised.

There is also the option of a DAC upgrade in future which can be a very cost effective upgrade compared to the expensive Naim power supplies that other boxes use.


I’m with Chris, I’d opt for the ND5XS2, it has all the latest streaming capabilities so will match the Nova in that regard and a DAC in the future would put you in a good place if you felt the need to upgrade

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SN2 + ND5XS2 is a great match!! Yes, NDX2 would be the obvious choise, but as said above, do not underestimate the total package of the ND5XS2 (for more then half the money of the NDX2). Listening to it right now (Tool, REM, Diana Krall, Daft Punk, etc) and really really enjoying the sound. Depends on the total system of course but hey…


The NDX/SN2 will sound excellent! Down the road find an used NDX2 and it’ll sound better, but if you’re not streaming Qobuz, the NDX will do everything you need.
I have an SN2 fronted by an NDS. They’re very inexpensive these days and I can’t get Qobuz in Canada anyway. I think you’ll be amazed by the SN2 for the pre-owned price. Try hooking up an old NAD integrated. or something, and you’ll immediately notice just how good the SN2 sounds.

I dont use any streaming services all my music is stored on a Innuos Zen mk2 in flac form, hope to have a NDX2 some day, untill them its an NDX

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Hi just got the sn2 and the ndx, I have a din socket, but how do I connect the 2 up using the din

Managed to get sound from the ndx and sn2, using the din, to the cd input on the sn2, it is very loud at low volume is this normal, how can i use, the remote for the sn2, or ndx to control each other, sorry to ask, but I’m not that savvy