Supernait 2 will not power up?

As you see in some of my recent postings I am upgrading from my SN2 to separates. Before the 250 arrived, I was using the amp stage of the SN2. To do so, had to hold down the Mute button, which deactivated the rest of the unit.

Swapped it out when the 250 arrived, now taking photos and gathering up the items to move the SN2 along.

Problem is now when I plug in the SN2, it is locked in that amp mode only. How do I unlock it? Pressing/holding the Mute button did nothing. Help!! Thx. Jd

Have you replaced the link plug?

No! Forgot about that…please if you can advise on where/how it goes…

Have a look in the manual.

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It goes in the ‘upgrade’ sockets . The last pair of dins( vertical pair) on the right as you look from the top. The link plug is a black plastic plug with 4 pins and 5 pins . Do not have it connected with to power when you plug this in…

Yes thanks. I see that in on-line photos, but as my wife will attest to, I lose everything, so now have to look on line to order one. I see sites in UK, will look for US location.

So steps you say are to first off, do NOT have electrical power into the SN2, first install the link plug, THEN wall power, correct? Thank you again

yes install the plug with the amp off.

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