Supernait 2 with ATC scm19 v2

Good evening everyone, could anyone tell me if supernait 2 will go well with ATC 19 please your answers will be much appreciated thanks aceone.

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A match made in heaven. What is your source?


I am using linn akurate D’s klyde.

Check in the past tread by making a research, some people talks about exactly this match !

Personnaly, i prefer the scm 40 with the sn2 for the fuller frequency range and the legendary atc mid driver.

If you love the 19 you should hear the 40 !

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Can anyone else give me there veiws on this plz.

I have not heard this combo, but I have heard several ATC speakers with Naim and other amps. One general conclusion I have come to is that these speakers thrive on more powerful amps. I have extensively auditioned the SCM 19 and 40 driven by a 250 DR. To my ears, the 250/19 was a great match which I could happily live with, but although I enjoyed the 250/40 I could not escape the feeling that the 40s had more to give and would benefit from something like a 300. I guess this prompts me to recommend caution at least to the extent of auditioning SN2/19, perhaps comparing with SCM11s, before shelling out serious money.

However, perhaps more fundamental is why you want to put a SN2 between a Linn source and ATC speakers. Assuming you don’t want to go the DSM route, have you thought about an ATC integrated amp or, IMHO even better, an ATC preamp with active 19s? Or staying with Naim, sell your Linn DS to fund a used 272 which sounds splendid with active 19s. By the time you’ve budgeted for decent stands for passive speakers these options would cost about the same as SN2/ATC19s. Just a thought.



this is what I have

it’s a high-performing ultra-low-box-count combination

ATC are very good speaker and will show the amp uplift up to the 500 series for sure but its false that they need that much power to be enjoyable. Sn2 is way more than enough to give a big ride at the entire entry line of atc !

enven a 5si will be enough !

Naim and ATC is a very good match for sure !


I’ve heard both but not together.

I agree, a great combination.

Good choice.

Yes, the SN2 does pair well with SCM19’s.

I use a nova and scm11 and love the combo

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SN2 would probably need HiCap DR to run 19’s properly. I used SN2 with SCM40’s for ~four years and always used HCDR with it. I once tried to run the 40’s without HCDR and the result was horrible. Just not enough juice for them.

What psychoacoustic can do…

Seriously the sn2 is a monster of power, if you prefer the sn2 with the hi cap its because you love the upgrade that the hi cap give, not because the sn2 is not enough for the 40mk2…

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SN2 is very capable amplifier and I’ve listened to it with several different speakers. With PMC and Spendor it certainly felt like a beast. But to get best out of ATC’s, you simply need more power. I still use SCM40’s but as an active version with 242 watts of power behind them. The sound is from another planet with tons of more power, grip, dynamics and reach. So I think I know what I’m talking about.


I listened to a pair of the SMC 19’s with a SN 2 at the dealers when I was their to listen to a pair of used Ovator S-400 speakers. I absolutely loved the ATC speakers with the SN 2. That day I went home with Ovator’s but when the time comes to make a change the ATC’s 19’s and 40’s will be on the demo list.

Good luck with your decision.

I dont know what i can add anymore that what i allready wrote in my previous post.

I think so many forum users are anxious and think that ATC have crazy power need. Its false.

Btw its not just all about watt,

Ex: the nap 500 is “only” rated 140 watts… Not the double of the sn2…

Does it make sense for you ?

At the end of the day its up to the listener’s subjective opinion of what he or she prefers with ATC scm19 v2. I have heard a little of the ATC SCM40’s with ATC new integrated amp (100 watt x 2 at 8ohms), for me that seemed a perfect match. Others may prefer the Naim sound. However I am inclined to agree with Patu’s experience to get the best out of ATC speakers one needs an amplifier which can control the speakers and can make the speakers show of their particular talents. No point of buying a super Ferrari sports car if one is going to keep strictly to speed limits; seems a waist of use of a car which can give so much more.

It’s not like SN2 + HCDR sounded bad with 40’s. I owned and used that combo daily for four years. But as I wrote, without the HCDR it didn’t work. Sound got very loose and lost focus and grip. It’s just a simple fact that ATC speakers aren’t the easiest load for an amplifier and they do benefit greatly of powerful amplification. I was very happy with my previous combo but after hearing the actives, I now know what I was missing. It’s simple as that.

NAP500 specs really has nothing to do with this.

Also bear in mind that all my experience is with the bigger SCM40. I’ve only heard the active version of 19’s and it has quite
a different sound signature. But I’ve understood that it’s just as difficult load for an amplifier than its big brother.

Both ATC and Dynaudio make top professional quality drivers and will play to high sound levels without showing any sign of stress. This is why when used with amplifiers that have large and fast power supplies these speakers may sound larger than they really are.

IMO, a power amplifier showing a high number of watts but having a flimsy power supply is a waste.

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Might as well then go straight to the top and bi amp the SCM19’s with four Statement mono’s.

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