Supernait 2 with flatcap xs?

Good morning everyone!

I have replaced my nait xs2 for supernait 2 and I’m wondering if it’s worth it to keep flatcap xs.
Does anyone has an experience with the configuration (supernait 2 + flatcap xs)?

Supernait 2 arrived yesterday at our home therefore I didn’t have much time to listen but after “first touch” our opinion is, it sounds better without of flatcap.


You’d be better off with a Hicap DR if you want to go this route. The SN2 has a DR module to provide a single 24v supply the preamp stage, albeit from the internal supply. Adding a FC2 brings dual 24v supply rails to power the preamp stage, but using the older LM317 based regulators.

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Thanks James,

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Hi @Kacper, I too made the change from XS 2 to SN2 last week and am very pleased with the results. I will be interested to hear your findings if you do go for the Hi Cap.

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Hi @Bjm, yes indeed, incredible improvement comparing with nait xs2. I’m curious what kind of experience the HiCap (DR) can deliver :grinning:

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I had SN2 for a few years when it first came out - great integrated. I tried a few HCDRs but was never convinced. I did swap it out for a 202/200 HCDR and found it nimble and slightly more resolving. G

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As a source I have a ND5XS with XP5XS. I’m wondering if NDX (previous model) would be better “partner” for SN2.:thinking:

Of course - NDX is a significant step up over ND5XS and an ideal partner for SN2.


There is also NDX 2 which is almost twice as expensive as NDX but with the new tech built-in :thinking:

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Of course there is. ND555 is also there.

But I will do you one better…

Go to Allegro and search for Naim (ex-demo). AudioCentre Poland is selling it’s ex-stock NDS for a REALLY good price.

will check that offer. I even didn’t think about this model, it would be a huge step forward - with NDS.
Thanks Adam!

Not that great a price. Other ex-demo UK units going for less than £3.5k.


Hi Adam,

I get the opportunity to buy a brand new NDX (previous version) :slight_smile: and I will go for it!
What is nice, that I can trade in my ND5XS :slight_smile:


Go for it! It is a brilliant streamer. I continue to use my trusted NDX FM / DAB every day and love it.

Yes I bought it, dealer said it was the last available model :smiley:. There is something like 30% discount of the retail price for the NDX.

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