Supernait 2 with HCDR to..?

I have a SN2 with HCDR right now for amplification. I feed it with an NDX 2.

I’ve gotten to this point in stages :slight_smile:

  1. Nova (replaced)
  2. ND5XS2 into SN2 - bass authority was a big step up and it felt faster. Maybe even a slightly more raw sound. (Definitely more exciting and engaging). Mid range more pronounced.
  3. NDX 2 into SN2 - that raw sound became more refined, the upper treble became really distinct.
  4. NDX 2 into SN2 with HCDR - System doesn’t feel forced, (in car terms it feels like a going from a 6cyl to an 8cyl), pace with power in reserve. The midrange seemed to retreat a touch, but everything is very balanced. The treble is glorious and there is space between the different frequencies, where instruments have their own room.

Now what…?

At each stage I have noticed real changes - the biggest going from Nova to SN2 and then smaller refinements, so this begs the question in my mind, how much of a step up would be my end game set up of NDX2 into NAC282 / HCDR / NAP250DR?

I have the potential to get a reasonablly new NAP250DR. Should I just go ahead on that one and wire it into my SN2 (relegated to preamp or maybe biamp (my speakers are biwire capable - Harbeth SHL5+ 40ths)?

Should I just make the jump and trade in the SN2 and go straight to the 282 and 250DR? What do you think?

Why not enjoy some music for a while? Next meaningful step from that point is going to be very expensive. Well XPS DR for NDX2 would be my choice next and not that expensive second hand but after that it’s as you said, 282 + 250DR. I stayed with ndac + sn2 (+ psu for both) for over five years.

Your next step. Ignore the forum.

What improvement are you looking for in your system? Try to get a handle on what’s bothering you with the system - and what you would like to improve.


My system is similar to where you’re heading except I have a CDX2 and not an NDX2. The 282 is a definite step up and I think you’ll enjoy what a 282/250DR does for your NDX2. If the price of the 250 is good I’d definitely consider getting it now as you’re then only one step away from where you want to be - and will have the SN2 to trade for the 282 so this step shouldn’t be unmanageable.
Whether you prefer to power your speakers with the 250DR or bi-amping with the SN2 is up to you. Try both and see which you prefer :slight_smile:

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