Supernait 2 with Hicap Dr running B&W 702 S2

Thoughts anyone, Currently got a Supernait 2 and a HiCap-DR attached. Looking for a pair of good speakers for around 3K. Anyone tried running the B&W 702 S2 flag ship with my combination.
I know its down to room layout and hearing, but thought I would ask the question.
Many thanks

I’m running those speakers with a Uniti Star, without issue. So I would imagine a Supernait 2 would work at least as well. I love them.


Thanks for that, was thinking about PMC but nothing in them for the money

I listened to the 702S2 on the end of a ND555/252/300 system, they sounded superb. OK it’s a bit heavier than a Supernait, but they don’t seem hard to drive and I think they’d work really well (room allowing) with a SN2. I like B&W with Naim and I think the 702 is a good match.

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Looking at the specification page for the B&W 702 S2 speakers the SN 2 should have no problem working with the speakers. I have run a pair of ProAc D2, Naim Ovator S400 and ProAc D30RS speakers with my SN 2 and have enjoyed them all.

Look forward to hearing how the B&W speakers worked out for you…


I am using B & W CM10’s which I think were previous version, with SN1 and HiCap DR . I have the full bung in port. Very happy with dynamics and soundstage they produce. Had preferred at time to speakers from
pmc, Jordan and kudos and close call with Spender D7s. Found isoacoustics added further improvements in terms of soundstage, bass control and midrange


Thanks for that, appreciate it

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I must admit, I am seriously considering the 702 S2
Will let you know how I get on. These replace my very old CDM7NT speakers


thanks for that, appreciate it

I have these speakers hooked up to a Supernait2 and will not be changing them anytime soon.

Have had thoughts of trying a Hicap Dr but haven’t got round to it. Very happy that speakers and amp work well in my room.

My sources are LP12 and ND5 XS2. Not changing them either.



Thanks John
I have now got the 702 S2 at home on demo (60th birthday present) and I have to say that they are amazing, so clear with a well defined midrange. Will defo order these going forward. Thanks for your opinion.


Well I have the 702 on demo (birthday gift for my 60th) and they are amazing, the level of detail / soundstage / midrange / and bass is fantastic. I did ask my dealer about the signature series and they both use the same drivers etc - only a subtle difference and I dont like the cabinet finish on these, and they cost £1300 more. I am going to be well happy with my Rosewood 702 S2. Next upgrade will be a NAP 200 so I can drive the base units from this amp and the tops from the SN2. WOW

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Happy to hear the B&W 702 S2 speakers are working well with your system in your room! I do love the Rosewood finish on speakers as well… keep us all update.

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