Supernait 3 and ATC scm19

My SN3 is partnering with atc scm 19, the supernait is in the burn in period and the atc as well. I m very happy about the level of reality provided and the large soundstage provided but I keep feeling that there is something missing.
I don’t have the expected dynamic and level of engagement, especially at low volume.
I know that atc are coming to life with the volume but I keep thinking that it can be due to sn3 driving capabilities as well.
Some opinion on it?

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SN3 does takes some time to burn-in(at least it did for me).
What’s feeding your nDAC?

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For me SN3 drives the bigger ATC SCM40s and I am incredibly happy with the punch, dynamics and voice of the music coming out of this combo. Higher volume makes the music more engaging, that’s for sure

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I have no experience with the SCM19, but it is my impression in this forum (where I spent too much time…) that these speakers really benefit from a 250, even though the newer ATC have the reputation that they are an easier drive than older models…

@Simon-in-Suffolk is a long-time SCM19 user – no longer with a 250 but previously. He might offer insights.

I have PMC Twenty5.23 – not a demanding speaker. But moving up from an SN2 to a 250 was a significant step up…

I think it worth trying the time-honoured lavender interconnect again between your nDac and SN3.

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Perhaps a Supercap would solve the problems?

You’ll get as many opinions as posters here. FWIW, I think you really need to be at 250DR to get the full range of dynamics you’re after and that the ATCs are capable of. I’ve only heard 19s driven by a 250 and they sounded very good to me, but the actives were even more vivid and dynamic! I’d talk to your dealer at some point, but in the mean time you could try playing around with positioning of speakers and perhaps try different stands.



I had SN2 for eight years and it never sounded great at low volumes. My normal enjoyable volume is 72 dBA @ 4 meters. Best sound is 80 dBA. My wife would appreciate 60 dBA but it’s just background music at that point.

What do you consider low volume?

I didn’t measure the dB of my room but consider low pressure the one you can have in a restaurant with ground music

I use usb Apple Music looseless


I feel the same still having a doubt: low volume dynamic of 250 is that better than sn? I m not sure

I m not sure, did you try your setup biamping the 40? I did and I encourage you to do the same

Counter-intuitively, more powerful amps do seem to make a great difference at low volume — this is often emphasised by those who have gone from a 250 to a 300.

What are your expectations? What are your previous experiences of low volume dynamics and what are you comparing your system performance to?

Obviously small speakers have limitations and are only capable of so much, even with a more powerful amp. There are many ways to skin a cat. You can get the more powerful amp, but you may get more of what you want with different speakers and the same equipment. Depends on your expectations.

Doubt most people would find the SN2 engaging at that low volume. Maybe try near field listening?

This is a strange statement. The capability of the amp will vary depending on what it is driving. I would imagine many supernait 2 owners find their system engaging at low volumes.


At one point I performed a demo between the ATC SMC 19 and ProAC D2 with in the dealers showroom with an integrated amp. I ended going home with the ProAC D2’s As other folks have mentioned above the 19’s probably sound great with your SN 3 but would perform much better with separates, i.e., the 250 DR.

I am sure you will be happy with the SN3 and ATC SCM 19’s but your full expectations may not be met. You may want to see if you can arrange a home demo of a HiCap DR to run the pre-amp section of the SN 3 to see if that helps.


We might have different definitions of “engaging”. In my view, this is when the music demands my attention and nothing else matters. Not suggesting SN2 sounded awful at low volume but it sounds so much better with higher volume that it would be frustrating to listen to other than as background music. Of course 70 dBA isn’t very “loud” and 60 dBA is quiet enough that I can still hear cars driving @ 45 mph on the road 120 feet behind the back of my home and birds chirping.

I drive my 19’s with a 52 / 250 and, generally speaking, the sound is positively crackling with dynamic energy at around the 8 o’clock point on the 52’s volume dial. My room is approximately 13’ wide by 17’ deep and I’ve never had the courage to dial in at 9 o’clock. It’s near ear splitting - for me - at the 8.5 mark. And I listen to a LOT of hard rock. :notes:

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I used SN2 + HCDR to SCM40 combo for five years until I went active with 40A’s and eventually to 50ASL. I never knew what I missed with the passive 40’s before I went active but your description is very accurate. 40’s can deliver seriously strong and punchy bass but it didn’t happen with SN2, not even with HCDR. Everything sounded good back then but hearing the actives was a revelation. I once tried to unplug HCDR and the result was simply awful. I strongly recommend to at least test the HCDR.