Supernait 3 and narcom 5 remote

Just purchased SUPERNAIT 3. Can I change source of sound with the NARCOM 5 remote. It only has Tuner and CD on it and it does not change from one to the other with the remote. How can I change from AUX to CD or CD to Phono? Thanks Terry

Terry, those buttons are the set keys which basically just tell the remote which unit you want to control with the handset. To change input on the pre-amp (Supernait) you need to ensure the handset softkey is set at PRE and then use the numerical keys to directly select whichever input you want.

Why, oh why, don’t people read the manual that comes in the box? Surely that’s quicker than asking on a Forum?


pragmatic, as always…


Thanks for the replys. I’m surprised at the insulting remarks from a user of this forum. I read the manual and searched the forum several times. As many long time Naim users have stated, the manual is a joke. Five pages dedicated to a $5,000 product. I only have four years of collage and in my younger life owned a high end audio store for many years so I guess I’m just an idiot. With your simple explanation, I now understand how it works but I would have never figured it out by just reading the manual. Using the numeric key pad to select a source is not intuitive. Like using any computer. If you know how to do it, it’s simple. If you don’t, it is complex.
Surprisingly, the Naim remote will also completely control my 1970 Phillips 80 CD player.


I disagree. I have always found Naim classic manuals to be concise and accurate. I can see no benefit to inflating the page count. I admit the manual with my Muso Qb2 left me with one or two unanswered questions.

No offense intended; just throwing my vote to our friends at Naim who are concerned with these details. I am sure it is not easy to write a manual everybody loves, in many languages.

I can understand how some of the novelty of Naim gear is challenging at first. Invariably, I find this novelty is justified by sufficient benefits; I never get the sense that any of it is careless design. Agree or disagree.

Anyway, welcome to the Forum. The responsive community makes it a unique and helpful place, enhancing the Naim experience, overall. That so many owners are interested in participating in this dialog speaks volumes about Naim products and service, and the loyalty they create. Your participation is appreciated.


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Which one out of interest?

1982 or later, surely.

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I’m not aware that my response was in any way insulting. The manual is as clear as day but I can quite understand that all that time doing collage might not be that useful in making it comprehensible.


Naim use the Philips RC5 protocol for the remote control operation, as do many others including, of course Philips themselves. Of course, there are many different code sets with RC5 and not everyone uses the same ones but many of the main functions like volume control and CD player control are often the same.

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My error. It was actually about 1979 or 80. It is a Phillips CD-80 also badged as Marantz CD 80. Mine was modified by a company that I think was in Iowa.

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