Supernait 3 and NDX 2

Hello All
I have been working towards my first Naim system for a number of years. I have finally reached a position where I can now seriously consider purchasing my first set up, it’s only taken me 20 years! Last year I was considering the Nova, but now my attention has progressed towards a SN3 and NDX2 combination.
I ran this by my local dealer, who has previously been very complementary about Naim however they seem to be steering me towards Hegel amplifiers/ DAC units. Due to the current situation, I have not been able to demo any Hegel equipment; I have tested a SN2 and NDX many years ago and was amazed by it (couldn’t afford it back then). I was wondering if anyone else has been faced with a similar situation or has had any experience comparing Hegel with Naim?

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well.

In your profile it says you have a Nova, yet in your post you say you were considering one. It would be helpful if you could clarify.

So sorry, I never ended up purchasing the Nova unit, hence I have moved towards the SN3 and NDX 2. I hadn’t realised that was in my profile, sorry.

There was a reason for my asking - if you had the Nova you’d know what it sounded like and how the Naim app works, and whether you felt comfortable with it.

The obvious response to your question is that you need to go and listen to both. Spending nearly £9,000, plus speakers, is a lot of money and you need to be confident you’ll enjoy the system. It doesn’t really matter what others might think, though that can aid the decision process.

The other thing worth considering is that you have clearly been thinking about getting a Naim system for a while. How would you feel about getting something completely different?

OK but can the dealer offer you an audition of his Hegel proposal vs the SN3 + NDX2
If not, do you have another dealer ??
I’m sure Hegel amps are OK but what about streaming ???, I don’t see one in their model range, so its a mix & no match system, OK if you don’t mind different looking boxes, but is the Hegel that much better than SN3, and that brings us back to the first question.

It looks like the integrated amps do streaming.

Hi Richard, err um d’oh yes I just realised this, I need to read a bit harder methinks.
I would still ask for side by side auditions of both - same speakers & room etc.

The Hegel integrateds H390/590 have been getting some incredible reviews.

The idea of a one box super integrated is appealing rather than the 4 box 282/hi/napsc/250 for example.

But im a bit of a Naim diehard and Naim are here to stay and products can be serviced to armageddon, so tunnel vision remains here.

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I heard a hegel amp with kef ls50 speakers at the Bristol hifi show and it was impressive.
But as has already been mentioned, I wouldnt buy Hegel or Naim at that amount of money without being able to listen to it first.

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Was there too.

But difficult to analyse in that setting, with small speakers chosen and classical music played.

So yes demo essential. Guy conducting the demo was a character.

I heard that Hegel/KEF demo towards the end of the day at Bristol, can’t say I was that impressed vs. Exposure/Kudos or Naim/Kudos; but a competely different level on the speakers of course.

The Hegel 390/590 reviews are positive and the integrated streamar/DAC is an attractive proposition if space or aesthetics dictate a single-box approach.

It is vital to get a demo at home anyway. I have found some dealers will do a loan, others will do a ‘sale or return’, prior to outright purchase. They don’t have to be local to you.

I have had an Atom+LS50 for quite some time. Then I have moved to the setup that you’re considering: SN3+NDX2+ATC SCM40 passive. Definitely more power and more refined sound especially with the new speakers as LS50 was limiting the sound of the new system. I am very happy with the upgrade: the streaming works perfect, easy to transition as this is the same app that I had with the Atom. I can still mostly manage with one remote thanks to system automation. Overall I can highly recommend this combination

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