Supernait 3 and XS3 without MM?

I’m confused as to why these 2 integrateds aren’t available as an option without phono-stage, say for £200 less? Lots of integrateds, from competitors, have the 2 options?

I’m scouring auction sites for Supernait 2’s because I don’t want to pay for a Naim integrated with an MM I won’t use. I absolutely would buy without and maybe others too…

Im a commercial bod and most sales are achieved because the purchaser has options.

If you consider the 3 to sound better than the 2 the phono stage is really irrelevant. Too many options just make things confusing.

Why? It’s only 2 options, explain…

Naim amps have all sorts of things people may or may not use. Sub outs. Six inputs. Record out. Tape monitor. Headphone socket. Mono button. Ability to add a power supply. Should all these things be options? If someone buys say an NDX2 and uses it from the off with an XPS, should there be an option to not have an inbuilt transformer? The options are endless. It’s far more straightforward to just have one version. People buy it or in your case, they don’t. But you may be missing out.

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No, Hungry Halibut, Naim may be missing out…
This is simple stuff; with or without?

All the specs you detail are very much the same as any other competitor and, as for the option to upgrade with a power-supply at a later date, this is a Naim ‘raison d’etre’ that anyone at this level applauds and buys into. I don’t get your point at all.

If you don’t understand the point HH is making it’s not a reflection on him…


Naim’s ‘commercial bods’ must have seen the vinyl resurgence.

Yes, I agree , but there’s loads of digital only users who don’t need an MM stage…

Svetty, I am approaching this from a commercial perspective, and that’s why I feel HH’s point makes no sense. If it’s only me that won’t buy in, then Naim are going to loose zero sleep over the loss of one sale!..

I’ll chip in with a personal perspective, I’ve just moved from a SN2 to a SN3, partly to give me a simple means to add an underused turntable and much loved vinyl collection some deserved attention. As a bonus I get a factory fresh NAIT and a new sound signature to bed in and discover.
I tend to agree that the majority (not all) users looking at the updated NAITs would potentially find having an out of the box MM preamp a nice way of either rediscovering vinyl on a new system or beginning their journey with vinyl as a source. The design is not inherently modular so it’s not simply a case of leaving out the Phono daughter board.
I also expect that if you were looking at either of the NAIT XS 3 or SN3 you’d find the addition of a phono input a bonus rather than a key feature.
If you take your vinyl journey further you can of course use a higher performance phono stage and likely a MC cartridge.
It’s partly the same as the headphone output on both amps, does an ok job, can be done better with external electronics. I’m sure not everyone uses headphones either in that respect.


Last I heard they were a run away success. Who knows, it might tempt you to dip a toe into vinyl…

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…I have an amazing stand alone phono-stage. I wouldn’t want my Supernait 3 to have one as;

a) it won’t be as good as my Graham Slee era gold

b) built-ins do react with the transformer as stated by Naim when they launched Supernait 2.

c) Naim, have in the past, had options on Dab modules and adjusted the price accordingly, so why not on an MM?

I’m delighted it’s a run-away success but it’s odd, it’s not an option…

If it’s an integrated Naim you want, I guess you’ll be looking for a Supernait 2 then.

Here is your explanation. The phono stage isn’t a plug-in module, unlike most others. Avoiding the usual push-on connection surely improves the long term stability and might even sound better from the start.

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It’s absolutely a Supernait 2 I will go for. Pity, as I prefer buying brand new. Absolutely accept, if it’s an integral design, I’ve no other choice…

Difficult to say without doing the dem. Seems a shame to pre-judge it.

I ordered a Supernait 3 on January 22nd and was told by the dealer with some trepidation on the 24th, that I’d have to wait until the end of February, after he’d estimated a couple of weeks when I ordered. Here we are five weeks later, and no SN3. Apparently Naim are having trouble keeping up with demand.
So not sure what Naim are losing out on, although I won’t be using the phono stage when it does come.
I did think about cancelling the order, but didn’t, so just feeling a little frustrated and impatient instead!


…ummmm, could it have something to do with the US price-drop?..just saying.

I got the first SN3 in Ireland back in September, like Mr.M above I have an old RP3 that I like to use for listening to my equally old vinyl collection from time to time and it’s nice not to have an additional phono stage


The SN2 is a fine NAIT, I was a little sad to say goodbye to mine after some years of loyal service.
I’m sure I’ll learn to enjoy its replacement as much and potentially more.
In terms of finding a barely used SN2, there should be plenty in circulation as ex demo units through the distributor network.
If you’re looking on an auction site most of what you’ll find will be from end users and older hardware. If you bought one even some years old I doubt you’d have any issues with it. Mine was built in 2014 and still found a new home no issue, you’ll get a very capable amp at a very reasonable price with a little patience.