SuperNait 3 AV Bypass Switch?

I’m wondering why the SN 3 has an AV Bypass switch on the rear, as well as the button on the front panel?
That would seem to indicate there might be benefits for sound quality having it switched off … otherwise it would be enabled all the time and wouldn’t need a switch on the rear?

Just did a search and couldn’t find anything on this.


I think they have one or the other, not both. Either AV Bypass or unity gain. Interesting if this is not the case.


The front button selects av as the input. The rear av bypass on/off switch changes whether the av input goes through the preamp ie volume control is possible (bypass off) or straight to the power amp (bypass on) eg when using an external processor.

Regardless of the av bypass setting, if you want to hear whatever is feeding the av input, press the front av button.

Be careful with this. If you connect a video player to the av input, and have av bypass on, that’s a very quick way to damage your speakers. You’ve disengaged the volume control, so that’s potentially a 2v line input straight to the power amp.


Yes. The “bypassed” thing is the Volume pot — full-on when bypassed. Use with caution.

When you add an AV Pre, its Volume pot is the control for sources plugged into the AV Pre.


Thank you Robert and Nick for your replies, that explains it perfectly.
I’ve had the bypass on since I bought the amp so the AV receiver controls the volume, but it hadn’t clicked that putting it in the off position would allow the amp to control the volume.


@robert_h @NickSeattle

How does the AV Bypass work on the NAC 282? It doesn’t have a similar switch on the back.
Is it always set to bypass the volume pot when you choose the “av” input?


With the big pre-amps you can use the AV input just like a normal input or you can set it to Unity Gain via programming.

Thanks Richard!


Brilliant feature, eh, @Mark63 ?

A big reason I came to Naim.



Hello Nick … indeed, and the same here! The AV side is just as important to me as the stereo, so such high quality (going right up the range) stereo amps that are so simple to integrate was a win win for me … especially when I heard it next to other amps such as Arcam etc.

The SN3 has made such a positive impact on the AV side that I wish Naim made a mono amp that I could use to drive the centre channel!

I am starting to think about upgrading, hence my question about the 282 :slightly_smiling_face:


Naim did make a mono amp for centre channel duty; the NAPV145. There was also a 3 channel amp for centre and surround use; the NAPV175. Worth looking out for secondhand.

Ah, thanks Richard, that’s very interesting, will definitely keep an eye out for those … cheers!

Indeed, I bought the NAP-V175 originally for center plus surround channels.

Recently I used it in a 3.1 system. Versatile and satisfying.


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