Supernait 3 break/burn in?

Hello Naim Community,
I’m a soon to be first time Naim user (new Supernait 3 is on its way) and pretty damn excited about it!! I should receive my SN3 later this week and was curious what is the best way of going about breaking in the Supernait 3, I plan on leaving it on almost all of the time (I’ve read from users here it’s normal for Naim users not to turn off their Naim units, kind of explains my original puzzlement of why is the power on/off is on the back and there’s no standby switch up front, that really puzzles me when I first started researching the Supernait lol.
During the initial breakin do I need to have a signal(music) actually playing and if so at what volume, barely noticeable or higher? Also approximately how long is the break in period, I’ve read anywhere from 2/3 days, 100hrs or even up to 250 hrs? Thank you all in advance :beers:

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Welcome to the forum and to the one true religion!

Leave it on*, and just play music when and as you like. Enjoy what you have and if it does become better with time and/or at sudden moments, accept the gift. It may make the process go faster if you let it play over night and when not home, but there’s no need to disturb your sleep by blasting it.

3 days x 24 hours is not far from 100 hours, maybe it is 250, maybe it is months. Take numbers with a grain of salt.

Most importantly, enjoy the music and your new toy!

* I think that’s a good idea during run-in, if only to keep the performance more consistent while you get used to it. Naim amps don’t use all that much power when idle. Most people leave it on as recommended, but there is always time later to try whether it makes a difference to you if you turn it off


For me, a minimum 4 to 6 months of daily use for most Naim boxes to really bed in without fluctuations in their sonics. Don’t ask why.

I would keep them on 24x7. Sexy lights… sexy sound… sexy boxes… sexy music… just never share this with your other half if you want to live.

Cheers in our Naim religion [lol]

Phil P


Leave the SN3 powered on 24/7, it’s designed to be operated in that way and will ensure when you do use it it’s ready to go.
Give it time to reach its settled in state, it will take a while but will express gradual improvements as you use it. Don’t feel obliged to have it playing music 24/7, you can if you wish of course.
You may have considered it already but the rest of the system is important to factor for in terms of getting the best from the SN3. Speaker cables for example can have a significant impact both positive and negative, on the performance of the system. The safest choice being Naim’s own NAC A5, other cables are known to be suitable and perform well, there are also some you’re best to avoid.
The best way to think of it is that it’ll sound great day 1 and even better in a few months time and not worry about the calendar!

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I upgraded to a SN3 about 6 months ago and it sounded great from day 1. Any improvement in sound over time is so gradual that day on day you probably won’t notice any difference. But however good it sounds, just wait and see what happens when you stick a HiCap DR on it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


There is definitely a gradual improvement over a lengthy period of time (about 4 months), I found this most noticeable when my original one was swapped out due to an issue and found the new one didn’t initially sound as free flowing as the one it replaced. New one took about the same time, but if it wasn’t for the swap out would have been much less noticeable with the gradual gains.

Best advice has already been given by others, leave it on and enjoy it.

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Mine sounded fab and powerfully slamming from day 1 I’ve had it since June last year and it never disappoints it seems to get more at ease and delivering effortlessly all the time.
It’s paired up with a Kudos X3s and I couldn’t imagine wanting any more it can go well beyond the comfort zone.
I haven’t passed 09.30 on the volume dial yet. :flushed: :+1:t2:


Always liked extra headroom.

Great info and advice guys, I totally appreciate all your input!!
I will do as advised :beers:
I have been super curious about the Hi-cap upgrade, my Supernait 3 is scheduled to arrive Thursday and I am very interested to see how it powers my 805D3s compared to my 17 yr old NAD(also around 80 wpc),my newer Denon was a total mismatch, way to thin and bright for my B&Ws where my old NAD was MUCH richer, fuller and warmer BUT it seems to be a bit underpowered(for somewhat louder playing I have to turn the volume up to -15 on its volume scale of -61 to +10) I’m afraid I’m pushing the NAD too hard so hence the purchase of the SN3, watts may be close between it and my NAD but in current and reserve power the SN3 should run circles around it.
@Skeptikal I’ve heard that about the SN3 in my research, guys say they never get past 9-9:30 on the volume, can’t wait to see if that holds true here, if it does it will be a first in my 50 yrs in hifi and I had some pretty heavy hitting amps back in the 70-80’s…yeah I’m a old fart lol. Thanks again guys!!

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Oh I’ve had it past 9.30 on the volume knob, but only when SWMBO is out :rofl:

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Hahahaha, yeah that IS when the “serious” listening happens :beers:
Curious, what do you get up to on the volume knob in those cases??

805s on the end of a Nad? Wow, you are in for a treat.

Regarding the hicap DR, yes it makes a material difference but wow, just enjoy what will result from your new combination of great speakers and amp, you will be happy.

Btw, no disrespect to Nad, enjoyed so much music via one, but you have a serious omg moment awaiting you.

Fun times!

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Before you even think of a Hicap I’d be looking at some serious source upgrades. Neither your turntable nor your CD player are in the same class as your new amplifier or your speakers.

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I just checked the OP’s bio and you’re quite right.

I know :slightly_frowning_face:
The B&Ws were my first move in September, upgrading past that wasn’t really a thought but obviously that has all changed lol… started my integrated amp search (and saving up $$) in November… Not sure what will be next, possibly a streamer(NDX5 XS2 is #1 so far on my list), but for the time being I had to settle for the Bluesound Node 2i since I blew my$2000-3000 integrated original budget out of the water lol…

The natural partner for the Supernait 3 is the NDX2. Yes it’s expensive, but the overall quality of the system starts with the source. So many people underinvest in the source and wonder why they aren’t satisfied with the result…


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