Supernait 3 connecrion to Supercap DR

Hi I’m loaning my Supercap DR to a friend who wants to see how the upgrade in power supply will improve his Supernait 3. I’ve seen diagrams on how to connect and what cables you need to use for Hi Cap DR, but can’t find a diagram of the connection ports on the Supercap. Could anyone advise?

Thanks Pete

Take the link plug out on the SN3 to uncover the two DIN sockets.

Top 5 pin DIN socket via SNAIC5 to SC DR socket 1.

Bottom 4 pin DiN socket via SNAIC4 to SC DR socket 3.

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Thank you James

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Make sure you report back and tell us how the combo sounds.

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Yes will do - he lives in the Scottish Boarders and I’m up there next weekend so I’ll post the week after.

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Could you also check if there is any/ much of an improvement to the headphone socket (if you have time), thanks :slight_smile: Was also considering this combo, as I already have a SC…

Yes no prolem I’ll do that for you fps1k

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Excellent, thank you!

Hi sorry to post later than promised.

The SN3 was hooked up with the Supercap DR this morning. We played a number of tracks through earphones prior to connecting the SC then half an hour or so after adding it. In my experience the sound will be even more improved in 24 hours after the kit has settled down.

Well … astonishing! Detail has exploded, we were hearing instruments, voices and percussive sounds that did not exist before. The sound is beautifully balanced in all ranges with the bottom end having a much more defined and satisfying punch. I can never get over the immediate and profound effect that happens to the music when you add or change the power supply to Naim components.

We then settled down to hearing the music on Dave’s Focal 926’s. The SN3 worked well without the SC on the speakers but adding the power supply has revealed the their potential. The music was dynamic, the PRaT massively enhanced, and that bass punch heard with the earphones was a revelation. All in all if you have the funds it’s a huge upgrade and takes the SN3 to the next level.

It would be interesting to know if the HiCap DR had the same effect as it’s price point in more accessible!

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Excellent! Thank you for the feedback. What headphones were you using with the SN3? Thanks.

Sennheiser HD650

Cheers Pete

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