Supernait 3 crosstalk

New to this forum although was a member of one of the previous iterations. I have searched for my issue and did find one thread about another user experiencing crosstalk on their 5i but I think my issue is slightly different. I noticed I was getting crosstalk on the phono channel (when nothing is connected to the phono channel) when playing music on my tape deck which is plugged into the AV channel, I don’t believe it’s an interconnect issue as I’m using a fully wired DIN to 4 RCA for the tape deck and it’s properly connected. Subsequently I have tested with all of my other sources (reel to reel connected DIN to DIN and turntable connected DIN to RCA via external phono stage) on the AV channel and there is crosstalk when the Phono channel is selected and anything is played on the AV channel. This doesn’t seem normal given there is not much else on the forum about this. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Is it just from the AV channel?

Hi Nick,

There’s a lot of expertise on here so I am sure that someone will be able to help.

I had a similar issue with my Superline, as soon as I turned the volume up I got a Russian radio station, Putin was invading Dire Straits! A new capacitor plug thingie fixed it!

Hope it’s resolved soon.



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Sorry, yes should have said that all the ‘input only’ channels have no effect and neither does anything on the Stream channel which is I/O like the AV channel. Just happens with anything plugged into the AV channel, obviously it’s only a minor inconvenience as I’m not using the phono channel, I only happened to notice it by chance as I keep forgetting what I have connected to what channel since introducing my reel to reel as none of my sources correlate with the channel naming, so just happened to select phono when a tape was playing.

I wonder whether there’s a wiring problem on the interconnect on the AV input - sending a signal into the REC out pin, then again, this would probably be heard on all inputs, not just phono…

…also all 3 components I’ve tested on the AV channel are using different interconnects and I get the same result. Could it be that the phono channel, which is immediately next to the AV channel is picking up a signal from AV channel due to the high sensitivity of the phono channel?? I did notice that the volume on the phono channel varies depending on which source is connected, but I’m not using the same recording on each source so that may not necessarily indicate anything specific with the interconnects either. I am going to have a play around with combinations of connections to see if that sheds any light on the issue. Thanks for your advice so far.

It’s interesting that this only happens on the AV input which is physically closest to the phono input and this input is the most sensitive given the level of signal it needs to handle. It does sound like there is a small amount of coupling going on but does it still occur when you have a turntable connected to the phono input ?

I guess it could be something like that. I wonder whether @NeilS has come across something like it…?

I do not have anything connected to the phono channel currently, but I will try connecting something to see if that stops it.

I was just curious as to whether that input, loaded by a MM cartridge, would stop it.

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What sort of level is the crosstalk on the phono input in comparison to the AV?


My main TT is using an MC cart hence connected through one one the other channels via external phono stage, so cannot test that right now, but I do have another TT running a high output MC so I’ll connect that up later and see if that makes a difference. I did try with an RCA connected to the phono channel to another device (that was off) and it didn’t make any difference, could still hear the AV channel on the Phono channel, I also tried with all other sources disconnected except for the AV channel and still got the same result.

Much lower, but clearly audible around the 9 o’clock mark onwards.

I will check another unit tomorrow for you.



I have been having a strange issue with my Supernait 3 Phono input also; whether my new LP12 or the dealers Rega 3, there was a notable hum on the RH channel; but both decks connected to my LP12 dealer’s uber expensive multi box Naim system were fine. We wired up his SN3 to see if mine was duff, but exactly the same thing happened. The hum could be heard whether or not the LP12 was connected to power (in my case a Radikal 1).

If we reversed the phono leads the hum swapped sides, so it seemed as though the earth “topography” of the phono stage within the Supernait 3 is different from other phono stages (he was using a Naim stage, not sure which one).

We were ultimately able to reduce the problem by perhaps 90% by changing the signal lead to one with a plastic rather than metal jack plug at the tone arm end, and for now I will be happy with that. But it took several hours to finally work out what the issue was!

That’s interesting, I tested 3 separate sources on the AV channel with their normal interconnects and the quietest was my reel to reel which is connected with a ‘cheap as chips’ plastic DIN to DIN interconnect, I initially assumed the difference in gain was likely more to do with the different sources rather than the interconnect, but perhaps the type of interconnect is influencing it too.

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Top marks to @james_n - just plugged my other TT into the phono channel played source on the AV channel and got zero crosstalk on the phono channel, remove the TT and crosstalk returns. Would be interested to know if anyone can think of a solution without needing to keep a redundant TT installed :wink:

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You could always try a pair of RCA shorting plugs on the phono inputs. On the other hand, if you’re not using the phono input then dont worry about it.

It’ll be interesting to see what Neil finds when he tries out another SN3 to see if this is just a characteristic of the SN3 or something amiss with yours.

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Good idea, I think I have a pair somewhere, but as you say it’s not a big deal given I’m not using the phono channel. Thanks everyone.

Installing a pair of shorting plugs has sorted it, thanks for the suggestion @james_n

Will still be intrigued to see what @NeilS finds tomorrow.

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