Supernait 3 Fault

The right channel has died on my SN3 - again! I’ve had a litany of faults. First fault - balance control stopped working via remote, second fault shortly after - right channel died and went back to Naim for relay replacement and balance fix, third fault - very audible crackle and rustle from right channel, Neil from Naim suggested on here it was a faulty transistor in the preamp, I luckily held off sending it back as now it appears the right channel relay has packed in again. I have one year left on extended warranty so I’m of the mind it should either be replaced as it’s obviously a Monday morning lemon or repaired and my warranty extended for a few more years. Will discuss with dealer but it’s such a pain and I’m severely losing confidence in the brand. I had 3 Novas before I got one that was right, my first SN3 was rejected as it hummed so loudly I could hear it in the next room! :confused:
Edit: after further investigation it’s actually the NDX2 that’s at fault, works ok set to RCA but not DIN so I’m presuming it’s yet another dodgy relay situation on the NDX2 output. Still have the crackling SN3 though. Now every Naim unit I’ve owned has developed a fault.

That’s a real bummer.
I’ve had flawless duty “ touch wood “ so far SN3
What I do to avoid all the relay gubbins is use the RCA connectors.
It might be a work round but the relay situation seems to be an epidemic at times.
Hope you get a result.
I’m sure after this many repairs you could reject it and ask for replacement.

With @Skeptikal on this one. I did return my first brand new SN3 due to low level channel imbalance. The second, which I have had for 5 years, has less imbalance and has worked flawlessly ever since.

Mine is left on all the time and I only have 2 sources attached - NDX2 via din and Oppo Blu ray via RCA for tv and occasional CD/SACD use if that helps.


Had the same situation with my NDX2, same symptoms of one channel down through DIN but RCA worked fine. It was diagnosed as a faulty relay as you suggest which got fixed by naim, took about 4 weeks to turn around. Living without it for that long and then having it returned reminded me of just how good it is vs the Mac + iFi DAC I used in the interim. Good luck!


It’s a bit of a palaver returning things to Naim from here, last repair turnaround took about 2 months, I need to have a serious rethink as owning either of these units outside of warranty next year will be unsustainable for me unfortunately. As to why Naim use components that are continually known to fail is beyond me.

Time for a heart to heart chat with dealer i think, mine would be very embarrassed and giving Naim a hard time.

Omg totally unacceptible…I think Naim owe you on this…the dealer needs to liasise with Naim…for a very quick resolution. Like exchange whole unit…straight away. All these faults … are not right…this is an expensive piece of equipment and you are paying for quality.


The story continues…I’ve been using RCA to RCA since the NDX2 DIN output failed but last night the left channel of RCA also failed! It came back for a while and then vanished again and is completely awol this morning. Does anyone know how the relays are arranged - does it make sense that just one side of RCA can fail along with the DIN?

Probably one for @NeilS to advise on.

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Well it’s reappeared again so whatever the problem is it’s intermittent, it’s definitely not leads or anything obvious.

Yes it’s feasable as there are four relays on the outputs - one for each channel of each output.


It’s about time you were offered a replacement that one you’ve got will be like a Pik n Mix inside with all the repairs already. :-1:t2:

Thanks Neil, I’m guessing the left RCA relay was always faulty, I just hadn’t used it much to date. I’m currently listening in glorious mono.

That was the SN3, this issue is on the NDX2 for a change, I’m mulling it all over but I think they’ll both be heading off in to the sunset soon unfortunately, it’s like owning a Lada.

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Real bummer mate,
Bad luck like that doesn’t inspire confidence.
Hope you get sorted. :+1:t2:

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