SuperNait 3 hissing problem

I bought new superNait 3 few months ago.
I notice now increasing hissing from my speakers when I connect AV input in Bypass mode to front speakers preout output of my receiver Denon 8500.
When I cancel bypass mode the hissing and humming disappear.
All other input of my SN3 are used and work ok without any noise.
Anyone has any idea how to solve it?
Appreciate your help guys

My configuration is -

  • SN3
  • Hicap
  • Denon 8500 receiver
  • Montir Audio front speakers

Probably @Richard.Dane

I connect my new SN3 with Denon X4500H with AV bypass, a very little hissing can be heard when I put my ear close to my AudioVector speaker.

I found that it is because the Denon AVR is not proper grounded. the power plug do not have ground lead connected.


yes, it was very low hissing in the beginning. Now it became strong humming that is really disturbing.
any solution for that?

You may well need a ground loop isolator (essentially a small in-line transformer) between your Denon and the Supernait. If you google it you’ll see a number of solutions available.

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