Supernait 3 Line Out / Record Out for LP rips

All, I am trying to understand how to make some rips of LPs via my ADC converter through the Supernait 3. I understand that you can run the DIN outputs via DIN to RCA cable/adapter. I do not have that type of cable and given the limited amount I intend to use this feature, its not a cost effective idea to purchase one.

Can I run an RCA out? I would like it to bypass the preamp section if possible, and just go full line out without attentuation, by selecting a the Phono input, and sending that signal output via rca to my converter.

Any tips, is this possible? Thanks kindly

You want to connect using one of the REC IN/OUT DINs - AV or Stream. You use a tape interconnect, like the Naim one below (Chord offer something similar called the Chrysalis);

Secondhand these are usually very inexpensive from the usual places online such as eBay etc…

I assume your ADC should have suitable Inputs and outputs on RCA Phonos?

Hey Richard thanks for your quick response. So the answer is effectively, this has to be achieved via the DIN output and cannot be done via sub RCA outs, or just RCA outs on the a/v output jack? I tried both of these so I think I know my answer here…

Best, Grant

The Sub RCA Output is a pre-out that goes through the volume control. It could be used but it’s not ideal. The other RCA Phonos are all inputs. You want the REC out which is via one of the two DIN Sockets. You’ll need a tape i/c (like the one shown above) or one specially wired for the REC out pins - a regular source i/c won’t work here.

I would swear that’s a Chord Chrysalis. I had a cable like that to connect Technics tape deck to Nait 3, and it is very familiar looking, down to the arrow direction indicators. I almost hate to ask, are you sure that’s a Naim cable? (runs and hides)

Here’s my Chord DIN to RCA, phono plugs look identical apart from material!

Thanks everyone. I will try to track down one of these cables.

Late Chrysalis used RCA Phonos like in your picture. Earlier Chrysalis used Deltron type RCA Phonos. The Naim tape i/c was made with Gold versions of the Chord RCA Phonos, as shown in my picture.

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Hello, I got a cable that has the appropriate terminations and have plugged the a/v stream output to my A/D converter. I selected the phono input and cued up a record and dropped the needle and… nothing. My a/d converter does not recognize signal input. is there anything else I need to select to make the output ‘show up’/occur?


Same on Stream in/out?

Are you sure the cable is correct - what cable is it?

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Are you totally sure that the cable is wired to the output pins on the 5 pin Din plug? I suspect you have a phono to Din lead, rather than a Din to phono. It’s sometimes a good idea to use a Din to 4 phono lead, then you are guaranteed that you can get a connection.

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My guess is that you have the wrong cable - a Phono to DIN , rather than a DIN to Phono.

Its all about the Pins in the DIN plug… (as has been already explained above).

Thanks everyone for your feedback. I tried the amazon route as a first attempt (forum apparently doesnt allow for links, but you can search " CablesOnline 6ft 5-Pin Din Male to 2-RCA Male" if curious), this cable shows 5pin DIN and is advertised as being NAIM compatible, and reviews indicate some users connect NAIM gear with it. I also ordered an Chord Cobra cable yesterday as a ‘backup,’ just in case. The amazon cable slotted right in, however, and though I am not an electric engineer I would really question whether a cable has ‘directions’… the signal just flows through the wire. So the rca->phono or vice versa, as far as I understand is six of one and half dozen of the other.

We will see what happens with the Chord. Thanks again all

OK, there’s your problem. You have a source interconnect. Most all off the shelf types will be wired for the source/PLAY pins in the DIN and not the REC pins. The only off the shelf type that will work would be a tape interconnect with 4 RCA Phonos (you just use the REC out RCAs and leave the play ones) as shown above.

This image shows the pin wiring on the tape/av DIN socket compared to just a regular input. Note the CH.1 out and CH.2 out…

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It’s not about directionality of the wire itself. It’s about which pins on the Din plug that the wires are connected to. It’s a physical thing - wrong pins, no sound.

If the Chord Cobra is a standard cable, that won’t work either. If you have a soldering iron it’s easy to swap the wires to the output pins.

Oh got it. All news to me obviously, thanks everyone for your thoughts. Richard, that makes it clear what is going on. Halibut, I see what you are saying as well. Fingers crossed the Cobra works but based on this, I am not holding my breath…

DIN plugs have been wired like this (in terms of pin allocation) - as Naim do - for a very long time indeed… :thinking:

I’m using one made by Teddy P. in Israel. The price is about $220 USD. I currently have it connected between A/V Out of my NAC 552 and the RCA input into a Naim AtomHE headphone amp. It’s a high performance cable despite the low price.
It allows me to compare the DAC in my ND555 with the one in the AtomHE.
The cable is called… RCA-DIN 5-pin Audio Cable with Neutrik Profi Connectors

Thats a LOW price…?? Not to me… :thinking:

I bought a standard 5 pin Din to phono lead and desoldered the wires in the DIN plug from pins 1 and 4 and connected them to pins 3 and 5. Works perfectly as HH has suggested.

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I did something similar. I bought a DIN4 to 2 phono lead and swapped the DIN4 for a DIN5 180deg. Simples… (apart from the soldering…)

I also kept the Directional Faeries happy this way… :crazy_face: