SuperNait 3 phono input

Hello to everyone.
A month ago I bought the SN3 & immediately connected my tt through my Project Phono Box DS2 without testing the phono input of the SN3.
Two days ago I connected my tt directly to the phono input of the SN3 & I was very surprised of the results.
The sound quality was about the same & highs were smoother & less aggressive than the Project DS2.
Also the gain is almost identical.
In my opinion Naim did a great in this section as well.
I believe one has to try an expensive phono preamp to get even better results…
Very pleased with it.
Has anyone else tried it?
Please share your impressions.

I’m using a Rega P6 with a Dynavector 20X2L through a Cinemag SUT a friend put together for me, into the onboard phono pre. Sounds great! I have a Dynavector P75 mk 4 as well that I’ll have to try with it as well. I’ve used a Parks Puffin with SPDIF out into my NDS2, also sounds good. The onboard pre is good enough that I don’t think about these things too much. One less component is always a plus as well.

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