Supernait 3 popping

Hi you lovely people. I wonder if anyone can enlighten me with any advice about a problem I’m encountering with my year old supernait 3. With all my equipment on standby i have started to get a fluttering sound in my right channel/ speaker. The volume is on zero and when i press any of the input buttons i have a loud pop. This has happened on a couple of occasions the first after a power outage,the second last night in the early hours. Once the amp is shut down and then reinstated all seems fine. I swapped over speakers the first time but still had right channel noise. I have a hicap dr supplying the supernait also.Has anyone got any ideas?

Is it ok without the hicap? Wandering if a capacitor is on its way out? Will at least rule out the hicap if no change

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If it’s only a year old it’s one for your dealer. :thinking:

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If you said that if you didn’t press anything, But it is popping and such. It suggests to me that a transistor got leaky, I had a gear before that a transistor got leaky and outputting Pulse of DC.

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