Supernait 3 problem

Hi, I have a supernait 3 integrated, I noticed that when it is turned on and I am not playing any tracks, the speakers emit a slight background noise (it sounds like a rustle). this noise is not noticeable when I select the AV input, while for all the other inputs it is present. I ask you if it is normal for the supernait to emit a slight background noise? or is there something wrong?
My system consists of: Cyrus cdi + Supernait 3 + Proac DT8.

A gentle background hiss is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.


I think this has been discussed before, and it’s generally a feature of all Naim kit. You shouldn’t be able to hear it unless you go close to the speaker - so the fix is dont go close to the speaker.

Thanks for the reply. The noise is actually felt when you are near the speakers. This worried me because with the previous Roksan K3 amplifier this noise was not present. So this behavior is a characteristic of Naim amps?

Yes, it’s the way they are. Don’t worry though, because as you get older you will hear it less. When I got my first Naim amp in 1983 I was 22 and the hiss was very audible. Nowadays, not so much!!


Think of it as a 30 year running in process




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And if you’ve got tinnitus like me, you won’t hear it at all. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just received my Supernait 3 Friday and was wondering the same about the slight hiss. Sounds like it is a normal occurrence with Naim?

Strange, I’ve never noted and hiss from any of my naim equipment. The usual transformer hum but never a hiss through the speakers.

Completely normal, nothing to worry about.

Rustle != hiss.

Do you have a phone charger on the same mains?

all naim amps hiss through the speakers, including my two week old supernait, nothing to worry about. you can always hit the mute button when not in use.

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Well I suppose the you if you put your ears right up to them - or perhaps my tinnitus at 61 helps!

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