Supernait 3, SNAXO 242, and NAP 250dr for active Naim speakers setup


May I ask if I can use a Supernait 3 powered by a Hicap DR, SNAXO 242 powered by a Supercap DR, and a NAP 250DR in an active configuration for a pair of Naim speakers (either Credo or Allae in my case)?

Will the connection as shown in the diagram work? Your guidance is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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PS, I don’t have a Burndy cable right now. Can I connect the SNAXO to Supercap DR via a 5-5pin DIN cable instead, in the similar manner as a Hicap?


Reminds me of the system kudos used at Bristol hifi show 2020: kudos 707 driven by sn3/hicap/snaxo/hicap/250dr.

Limited comments on hooking it up, active is not my forte.

But looking at the back of a 242, it does look like 2 options only:
hicap + snaic + link plug in the burndy.
Or burndy + supercap, snaic socket unused.

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Thank you robert_h. Sounds they would work, only hooking cables correctly.

It will work once cables are right. I cannot comment on your diagram since I did not use a supercap, but I ran for 3 years:

Snaxo BMR
Nap 200

Into Ovators. The Nait was doing LF duties, nap HF.

Excellent system. El cheapo active system.


Thank you Ardbeg10y for assuring me. Would you recommend to drive LF by SN3 and HF by NAP250dr?

Yes. Best amp on HF. Surprisingly, improvement on HF has positive effects on LF too.

Your loudspeakers will be your weak link. Are you in the position to use SBLs or SL2’s?

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Thanks once again. Unfortunately that both SBL and SL2 are not available where I’m living. By the way, I’m keeping an eye on the auction site if there are ones appear and the seller is also willing to ship them. :sweat:

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Long time active Naim user here.

Yes - if you connect correctly. I don’t recognise your diagram from the connections guide. If you have modified the diagram to illustrate - it would be helpful if you label the cables you intend to use.
In summary HiCap powering Snaxo will be a small snaic. If you use a S-cap, then it must be full burndy s-cap to Snaxo.
IIRC - but check - for 2 x HiCap, be 5 pin Snaic to HiCap (from Nait), then 4 pin Snaic HCap to Snaxo - then - be careful here, a special 5 pin Snaic i/c for Snaxo. The latter is not required, again IIRC, when using 16 pin Burndy from S-Cap to Snaxo.

Wiser peps will be able to answer. I would also recommend all your expressions of connection, should follow the signal path. Thus S-cap to Snaxo, not expressed otherwise.

Final tip, if this is your first foray into active, connect “only” bass speakers and snaxo connections and get it working first and fully test - then switch off and complete the wiring. It’s tricky to blow LF units, HF is a different matter and heartache if it goes wrong.

Active is now a long time ago for most. Even Naim staff admit they get involved so infreqeuntly that they tale a lot, a lot of care. @Richard.Dane may be able to add to my comments. He may have an idea who currently has active with a Supernait, most use separate NAC and NAP. Incidentally your profile doesn’t mention a Supernait?

edit - just re read @Ardbeg10y post above who used to have Supernait.

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Yes, you can do this, using the Supercap as you would a Hicap, via socket 1. Just remember to fit the link plug to the back of the SNAXO.


You could. Connect the Hicap to Supercap socket 3 and then connect socket 1 to the 242 DIN5 socket labelled Hicap via a SNAIC5. It’ll get you going before you get hold of a Burndy.

Edit. Richard’s beaten me to it.


Yup. It’s a great way to get all the active goodies.

Another cheap active system I’m going to run is

Nait 5
Nap 140

Contemplating a source for it. I think it’s going to be a nDac.

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Thanks Richard. I puzzled over the old connections guide, but in the absence of a definitive example, exercised caution. (I have slightly amended my earlier comments.)

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Your final tip was very good. Something all active users should know.

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For the life of me, I can’t remember where I first heard it said. I certainly can’t claim credit for the concept, but appreciate your kind words. It might have originated with DB of this parish, who has previously posted some excellent advice, or one of Naim’s staff.
My AV system isn’t Naim, but when aktiv cards were inserted - in the right places - the dealer put the labels in the wrong places…mmm !!
Separately I have found the post a year ago by NS from service dept, on a thread about active 135s with the opener I’ll start by saying that I curse having to set up active systems in our listening room! Original active options are now moving towards the history books, regrettably.
I bought a demo Snaxo recently, to future proof my speaker choice.


Hi sound-hound, thank you ver much for your info and tips. It’s very helpful. Much appreciated. I’ve modified the diagram myself since I couldn’t find a same setup in the connection guide. I’ve labeled the cables I intend to use in this revised digram.

May I ask if you meant a special 5 pin Snaic i/c is required for connecting SNAXO to hicap (or Supercap via 5pin DIN)?

With regarding to Supernait 3, I just acquired one for half of the brand new price. The previous owner probably didn’t love it. I will try this configuration later since those listed of equipment are at separated locations now. I also miss a burndy cable so far. However I will be able to try if only a standard 5-5pin DIN cable is required to temporarily power SNAXO from a Supercap rather than a burndy cable.

Thank you Richard for your help here. Appreciated.

Thank you very much James. Your info is very helpful and more details though. Appreciated.

Your diagram is correct.

Note - the cable labelled 5-5 pin DIN between Hicap and SN3 is a SNAIC5, and the 4-4 is a SNAIC4.

No special interconnects required if you want to use the 242 without a Burndy to start with.

Good luck with your active setup :+1:

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Many thanks James for your help. Yes, I meant SNAIC5 and SNAIC4/in the diagram. I will sort out for a burndy later if this active setup works well for me.

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I remember hearing that system at the show - indeed i thought it sounded mighty impressive, one of the best that stood out from the crowd for me.