Supernait 3 - Source bleed?

Hello and happy NYE from myself.

I’ve just bought a Supernait 3 and am experiencing something I’ve never seen before.

I only have one device plugged into my Supernait 3. A Bluesound NODE 2021 via RCA.

When I select a different source and turn volume to roughly half way I can hear the Bluesound NODE playing music. Is this normal? My previous amplifiers never did this and am wondering if this should be something of concern.

I have tried plugging the NODE into both CD and Stream inputs via RCA and this behaviour is observed both times.

If I press mute on the SN3 the bleed stops.

Any advice would be greatly welcomed.

I don’t think it’s unusual for this to happen.
I get it on my XS3.

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Hello, and happy new year to you too.

Don’t worry about being able to hear the sound on other inputs when you turn the volume high, it’s perfectly normal.

You have a lovely amplifier in the Supernait 3. I have one too and know how capable it is. To hear what it’s capable of you really need a better source than the Node. The NDX2 is its natural partner, and that’s probably what you should be aiming for.

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Or improve the DAC stage with a Denafrips Ares 2 or Chord Qutest at much less expense and good results.


This sounds normal. It’s always been something you could get with things that output sound constantly, such as tuners, but shouldn’t be so loud as to impair enjoyment on other inputs. And if it does, just switch off that source, put it into standby, mute, or stop the stream.


I experienced this with the Nac 122 and currently experience it with the nac 282. It is a very minor “bleed” and is barely preceptable udner normal circumstances, which brings me to my next question. What is your volume knob doing at 12 O’clock? Naim amps rarely ever reach that high. I personally can’t remember exceeding 10.

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Thanks all for the replies. It’s good to know my amp doesn’t have a fault.

I have bigger improvements over the NODE to start with. Some may be distraught to know I have the Q Acoustics 3030i speakers hooked up currently.

My next upgrade are speakers and then possibly get the Ares 2. I have a Topping DAC and in all honesty I can’t hear any differences between the NODE and putting the Topping DAC between it in USB/Optical/Coax mode.

Maybe the DAC isn’t of high enough quality or more realistically my speakers aren’t good enough to reveal the differences.

I’ve been recommended to stick with soft dome tweater speakers when looking to upgrade. Dynaudio perhaps? Not sure yet - it took me long enought to chose the SN3.

You have the eres 2 ? If yes which amp you have

No, no Ares 2. But I do have a Qutest which feeds a CB Nait 2 (and others being serviced at the moment). The Qutest is rather good. I suggested the Ares 2 as it is at a similar price point (relatively) and the reviews have been rather good.

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