Supernait 3 source selection

I had posted this at the tail end of another thread, but it may have got lost - and I am still flummoxed …

With my new SN3 left unused since last night, the stream button was lit. My new NDX2 was in standby mode as I hadn’t used it since last night.

Using my iPad / Roon / Qobuz I selected a track to play. The NDX2 “clicked” & woke up and started playing. Meanwhile the SN3 changed source selection to cd and no sound was heard. I had to press pre - :fast_forward: - :fast_forward: to change the source back to stream.

Exactly the same thing happened yesterday.

The only input devices I have are a CD player (cd), the NDX (stream) and a turntable (tuner) - all via DIN.

I am not normally a technophobe (far from it), but I have no idea of why this should happen! :fearful:

Any ideas?

Are you using system automation? If so, you’ve set the inputs up incorrectly. It should be set like this. Note that I’m using the CD input for the record player and have renamed it accordingly.


I am, and could well have! :hot_face:

Within the Naim iOS app I have System Automation ticked, Classic as well as Preamp 1.

Changing the latter to Preamp 3 and All Is Good. :joy:

Thank you so much!

It’s easy when you know how!! Now you can happily use your NDX2 without it switching to the wrong input. I trust you are enjoying it; I have an NDX2/SN3 setup too, and it’s just brilliant.


I am loving my new system! Not cheap, but am so pleased with the upgrade. The PMC twenty5.24i are fabulous too.

The KEF R5s have gone via eBay, as has my Uniti Star. In hindsight maybe I should have kept it for my office, but finances precluded that option as it would have meant new speakers there too (I currently have some KEF LSX in my office which is fine).

I found a used CD5si for a price that I couldn’t turn down but have yet to use it - waiting for a disc from Discogs to christen it.


Congrats! You really do have a nicely balanced system.

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Congratulations @haffle - I have the same system but with the smaller (and older) Twenty5.23s. I think it sounds terrific. Balanced and greater than the sum of the parts. Not cheap, as you say, but it’s going to bring you thousands of hours of pleasure and enjoyment.


I’ve just upgraded to pmc- fantastic!!!


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