Supernait 3 speaker hum

Hi Everyone,

I have been away from Naim for sometime but have decided to replace a Norma Audio integrated with a Supernait 3. Unfortunately, as soon as the SN3 is turned on and the mute turns off, there is an audible hum coming from the speakers. I have the power cord from the SN3 plugged into a wire mold power strip. The hum is there whether it’s plugged into that or directly into the wall. I have unplugged all sources and the hum is still there.

Even though I literally set it up today, I can tell the sound is better than the Norma but I can’t deal with the hum. I unplugged the SN3 and reinstalled the Norma, and no more background hum. As I recall, when I had a Nait 2 and Kan IIs, there was a faint hum but you had to put your ears to the speaker to hear it. This one I can hear from over 10 ft away.

Any solutions for this?


I have to clarify that the hum goes away with all the sources removed from the SN3. As soon as the interconnects are connect to the back, the hum returns. Pulls the SN3 and put the Norma back in and it is silent even when turned up all the way.

What source are you using? I think it’s ground loop. You can search the forum on this matter. Plenty of solutions

I have an Oppo BPD83 for CD source and the new BlueSound Node for streamer. I’ll look into the ground loop hum. Seems strange to me that the Norma doesn’t have the problem but the SN3 does.

hello, what speaker cables do you use? i had the same problem with my sn2. I was using audioquest Rocket 88s and they made the speakers hum. Changed the cables with telluriums and the hum is gone.
before naim i used primare and no problem

I use LFD speaker cables. I don’t have a spare set to try that out at this time but could perhaps order a set to see if that works.

try other cables if possible. I had to sell the audioquest …

I think you’re right. I unplugged the Oppo Bluray player from both the power strip and disconnected the audio connects. I also realized that I had the HDMI from my Sony TV going into the Node. After removing that from the Node, there is no more hum with just the node connected to the Nait via RCA cables. Both the SN3 and Node are plugged into a powerstrip going to a single outlet.

The HDMI use is only temporary until I get an AV receiver and setup for surround. This is a shame because this was not an issue with the Norma. At this point, I can’t use the Oppo as a CD player ( it is not connected to the TV to be used as a blu ray player at this time) and I can’t output TV sound and listen to it via my floor standers.

Ah Oppo. I have a 105 and my gig hummed like hell when plugged into 252.

Naim has a different ground design usually source as the ground origin. I solved mine with this

My Oppo is not the main source though. Think there are other cheaper solutions to explore

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Connect a cable from the metal chassis of the Oppo to a known earth point, such as the earth pin of a UK 3-pin plug, or even the screw holding the socket to the wall, as these should be earthed too.
I’ve done on a few friends systems which showed the same symptoms as yours.
If you’re not in the UK, check your local legislation for earth / ground points.


I can buy this on Amazon in the USA. Would this be plugged into the back of the Oppo or would it make sense to plug it into the back of the SN3?

Oppo, would not recommend plugging to sn3 .

Or try Blythe’s solution

True, Blythe’s solution looks like it would work as well.


Can that wire be connected to the ground screw on the SN3 where the TT ground cable goes?

Need to break the ground loop. Connect back to SN3 won’t work

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Gotcha. Thanks! Looks like it’s over 5 weeks for that iFi device to be delivered. Will try the wire solution 1st.

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It has to be the source being earthed. I normally just use one of the case screws on the DVD / CD player.

Thanks! Will try it.

I had the exact issue you have with my SN3 and can confirm that Blythes solution 100% fixes the problem.

Interestingly enough I stripped my rack the other month and forgot to plug the “DIY ground plug” back in and realised the hum had disappeared.

I second the “wire” solution. Cheap and it worked for my SN2. Just connect from the ground screw on the back of the SN3 to the ground pin of a plug.