Supernait 3 Standby Mode

Hi. I’m brand new to the forum having today taken delivery of a Supernait 3 and ND5 XS2. So far everything is going swimmingly and really enjoying the extra power and clarity over my previous system.

However I have a question over the led indicators on the SN3 as both the volume and balance have LEDs the Naim logo remains on permanently along with the source selector. Is there no way of turning these off either on the front of the SN3 or from within the App? My second question is if the amp is left on what is the power consumption and does muting the amp lower this? Any help very much appreciated.

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You can turn off the button and knob illumination on the Supernait with the Narcom remote. Make sure it’s in Pre mode and then toggle the Disp key. The logo remains lit to show it’s powered up. When you change any function the button and knob illumination will briefly appear then extinguish.

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I have always left my equipment powered up unless thunderstorms are present or are forecasted. I also shut down if away from the house for a couple of days or longer.

Edited since Richard answered the LED question…

Thanks both of you. LED’s now off. Advise about leaving the amp on duly noted.

If there’s anything else that isn’t obvious and useful on either the SN2 or ND5 XS2 let me know.

Thank you

System automation ?

Glad I stumbled across this! Button and knob illumination on my SN3 now turned off :smiley:

Power consumption in idle is 37 VA (equivalent to Watts), see Product Specification at the bottom of

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