Supernait 3 + Subwoofer output

I finally had time to measure my room response with REW and the UMIK-1 microphone to optimize and integrate my newly aquired KEF KC62 subwoofer.

I measured the subwoofer and speaker output separatly to generate the frequency response graph to see where to ideally set the crossover. But somehow, the combined measurement of both subwoofer and speakers is a few dB’s below the separate speaker measurement. Meaning: the combined output of speakers and sub is quieter than the output of the speakers alone, which seems kind of strange, as the level should increase by 3dB where the frequencies overlap.

Now i am not expert at all with the software, but i was wondering if the subwoofer preamp section of the Supernait does something to the output level when both speakers and a subwoofer are connected? The only information in the manual is that the Supernait does not filter low level signals.

Looks like the speakers and the subwoofer are in the opposite phases. You should find the proper phase for your subwoofer. There is a phase switch on the back of your sub, give it a try.
You can use any track with the proper bass, but I did like the following. There are lots of smartphone applications that generate the sound of some particular frequency. I send the sound generated by such application to the streamer when both speakers and subwoofer were connected and the subwoofer has proper placement, orientation, gain, etc set up. After that, I squat a little with the phase regulator of the subwoofer to make the entire output louder. During this test try turning the subwoofer on/off, until you clearly hear the difference.
However, I should admit, it is not an easy task to listen to the pure bass output. Make sure you’re alone in your house :slight_smile:

Thanks Pauel,
i have switched the phases to see the room response when i was measuring. The phase set a 0° gave unsatisfying results, with a deep bass dip where the speakers itself had a peak. So i assume this is what out of phase means.

I set the correct phase at 180°, which generates a similiar room response as the speaker itself in the frequencies they both can reproduce. (seems reasonable as the sub is positioned around 50cm away from the left speaker)

I can upload the curve this evening to make things more clear.

A few more words about how things are connected:

I use the preamp outputs of my DAC / Headphone amplifier (2xRCA) connected to my computer into the analogue inputs of the Supernait 3 (2xRCA) and the REW Software with a calibrated UMIK-1 microphone to generate the sweep tone at around 75dB volume.

The subwoofer is connected to the Supernait 3 using the low level connection with a 5m long screened Oehlbach NF1 2xRCA cable.

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