Supernait 3 Volume button feels a bit loose - normal?

Good evening
I am hoping for some advice regarding the volume knob on my new Supernait 3. I just took delivery of the new unit and still waiting for speakers so I have not been able to listen yet. I just took the unit out of the box and inspected it. One thing that I am unsure about is the volume knob which seems to have a bit of ‘play’ when I begin to turn it. As I start turning it, it initially feels a bit loose. It is almost like there is a bit of a give initially as I start turning it (either way) before a heavier resistance engages. It does feel a bit strange as it gives me the impression the button is not firmly tightened. Does this sound strange / problematic?
I will be able to test the amp in 2 days but I was hoping for some initial feedback from the community.
Many thanks

Hi, that doesn’t sound right to me. I would talk to your dealer about it. Does the volume control feel very different to the balance?

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Indeed it does. The balance button is tight and there is no ‘give’ as I start turning it. The balance button basically feels that it has a ‘resistance’ as soon as I begin turning it.
The volume button has a ‘give’ initially before it feels like there is some resistance as I turn it. Will speak to the dealer first thing tomorrow.

My volume knob gives the same feeling you describe but works just fine.
I assume that is normal but would be interesting to hear what your dealer says.

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many thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: Has it been like this you purchased the amp?

This is probably quite normal. It’s typical of motorised ALPs pots, I have found. Some are better than others but usually the first mm or two of travel feels light and then the weight kicks in, like there’s a little bit of slack.


Thank you very much Richard. That sounds encouraging and your description matches what I am experiencing. Do you think there is a way for me to confirm if this is indeed normal with my amp?

No sloppy Knob on mine it’s the same all the way round and back between the stops. :thinking:


If in doubt talk to or show it to your dealer

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Yes, mine was like it from new.


Yup, mine does the same. It’s like there is a little play in the motor. My amplifier works perfectly fine, no mis-channel issues and it’s something i’ve never really worried about. Therefore feels perfectly normal to me…


Just wanted to update: I contacted the dealer who immediately suggested the volume button should not have this ‘play’. They offered to collect the amp (done already) in order to have it checked out by one of their technicians. They simply tightened a screw and the issue is apparently fixed. I was travelling abroad for a few weeks so they offered to keep the amp till I am back. I am expecting it next week so fingers crossed.

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Thanks for the update. Glad they’ve sorted it.
I think I’ll leave mine as it is unless the screw is easily accessible and could be tightened at home.

Hello friends, just a final update: I received the supernait and all is fine. Volume button fixed and no ‘play’ detected. Feels solid and uniform to use. The dealer was excellent in how they dealt with this. As the amplifier was shipped three times (once to deliver initially and then to repair the value button), the box ended up in bad state. The dealer offered to send me a new one for free. Excellent service overall.
Now to break-in :slight_smile:


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