Supernait 3 vs separates

I want to potentially reduce the stack of black boxes,

How would a Supernait3 compare to a 122x/150/flatcap2/stageline powering powering mk2 SBLs and fed by an LP12 Akurate?

I doubt there are many who have had the opportunity to compare the two, but it would certainly be an interesting comparison; one box vs. three and a half boxes. Certainly it’s potentially at a similar (or maybe even a slightly higher?) performance level. There’s one way to find out though; give your Naim dealer a ring and see if you can try out a Supernait 3.

p.s. IIRC, @hungryhalibut had a similar system some years back and now runs a Supernait 3, so perhaps he can give some insight here.


Indeed, I had 122x, 150x, FC2x some years back. I’d say that if you intend to use the SN3’s inbuilt MM phono stage, then it’s an excellent idea. So much neater and tidier and far fewer wires to clutter up the place. The SN’s additional watts will give the SBLs a nice boost and a bigger and more controlled sound.


I had 112x/150x/FC2 many years ago. Recently I acquired a used Supernait 2 and it is better than I remember the separates.
Difficult to be certain because the source into the SN2 is much better than the CD5 that I had before, but the speakers are the same Ruark Prelude 2’s that have been with me for 15 years.

Thanks, I will try and get a demo of the SN3.

The main attraction is the built in phono stage for my adikt.


Good idea! I have been using the Adikt since a week and I am very happy with it and the SN3 :ok_hand:

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And if you do start to miss the extra boxes I’m sure you can add a HCDR.


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