Supernait 3 /w Neat Ministra - Next Upgrade?

Hi all,

So I’ve had my Supernait 3 with ND5 XS2 for about 6 months now. I’ve recently upgraded my speakers to the Neat Ministra and added a REL T/5x Subwoofer a few weeks ago just to add some bass extension.

I’ve got another itch now which involves a turntable. I’ve never owned a turntable before so I’m going into this somewhat blind apart from reading reviews and doing my homework.

The turntable would need to match aesthetically against the SN3 and ND5 XS2 and would need to sit on top of my stack. I’m sure someone is going to tell me off for this approach but I haven’t got the flexibility to have a turntable situated anywhere else currently. I may buy a hifi rack to accommodate this in the future but not right now.

Can anyone help? What should I be aiming for? I suffer with FOMO so would rather aim higher end if this means better performance for the budget I have.

Budget roughly £700.

Also, for anyone with a similar setup to mine can you describe the differences between streaming and vinyl on the same album?

Hi Chris

You could consider many Turntables, but the one I’d listen to first is a Rega P3, with Elys 2 cartridge it would come in about £800. Definitely would be on my demo list.

Also a PRO-JECT RPM-3 Carbon would fit your budget as it comes complete with Ortofon 2M Silver Cartridge at around £750.

Good luck


From experience Rega P3. Ask your dealer for advice on cartridges, Audio Technica may be an option.


Used rega p6…


I don‘t want to dissuade you to buy a turntable but assuming you don‘t have any vinyl as you never owned a turntable: are you aware of the pricing and quality of currently released vinyl records?


I’m not sure I’d buy any current releases as most modern music is IMO garbage but I’d like to build up a collection of my favourite albums via the 2nd hand market.


You may consider Isoacoustics Gaia III for your Neat Ministra.


sensible advice!
vinyl prices have rocketed and compared to streaming subscriptions the cost difference is massive


Rega planar 3 if buying new. May find a better Rega TT for similar money s/h.
Many people will question the sense in adding vinyl to your system- cost/quality and space for storage.
I started from scratch (second time round!) a few years ago and derive enormous pleasure from purchasing s/h records and listening to them.
I have recently added streaming which is great too- complementary to vinyl.
Good luck!


If I did not already own about 200 LP’s (and still owning an LP12…) that I bought when they were current (so 70’s and 80’s), not sure I would look at Vinyl today…

(I really don’t ‘get’ modern vinyl. Very expensive - and reports suggest quality is not what it should be.)

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I’m using a Thorens TD160 vintage in another system. Lovely deck. Available for £295 on ebay. Sounds pretty good even next to my LP12. Linn Axis is nice as well.

I’ve had a Rega Plana 3 plug and play simplicity. I would go used with any of these options.

You can get alot used for £300 to £500 and then get a nice cart or buy some vinyl.

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I’ve got two Rega’s, a P3 and an RP6, both excellent at their price point.

However given your visual comment you might want to consider the following limited edition Technics deck in green.

The deck themselves are held in high regard.

£899 new.

Considering a Technics TT myself to scratch a vinyl itch (no pun intended) - my head says I don’t need the strobe, pitch change and LED stylus light (ie I should buy a SL1500c or SL100c)


…I really want one of these in Red or Yellow - they look outrageous!

Totally with you there, the army green has my eye but both the yellow and red and equally awesome.

Try to see the golden note pianosa or lily are two excellent turntables excellent Italian design and excellent components better than the rega they weigh 14.5 kg the rega p8 seems to me to weigh 4.5 kg.

I am also newish to vinyl playback, I had the Project RPM 3 Carbon with the silver cart, was a good start. Have since upgraded to the Technics 1210GR with a 2m Black, not only is the build quality on a different level, it’s a big step up in performance and matches Naim electronics so much better. Depending on budget you may want to consider the recently launched Technics Sl100C and upgrade the cart in the future.

I would also consider the golden note pianosa turntable at 2500 euros which is of another level as Italian design construction and materials weighs 14 kg and certainly not 4 as the rega. Not to mention the pre and final electronics of the golden note hand-built by Italian engineers that as a competence are not inferior to anyone and are of another level higher than the nap dr 500 and cost half '.

Hi Marco, Think the weight thing is a bit of an irrelevance given the design ethos of Rega being lightweight deliberately.

Sugar Ray Leonard vs Butterbean argument.

I do like the look of their streamer however and had a couple of cracking reviews recently in the U.K. hifi press.

Given your budget, I’d also vote for the Rega Planar 3, or a second-hand P6 if you can.

However, no turntable will give its best sitting on top of a streamer of amplifier. If it is possible, one good solution would be to spend £50 (second hand on eBay) or so on a wall shelf for the turntable. Rega, Target and ProJekt all make/ made good examples

It could sit above your stack (or above a rack of boxes if you get one) and would mean that whatever turntable you get will be able to show its merits.

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I would echo Nick of Wombldon’s advice, a dedicated shelf attached to the wall. Then a Rega2 or PrJect , but a TT really needs a firm base

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