Supernait 3 with mc cartridge

The Supernait 3 comes with an mm phono stage and was wondering how you connect an mc phono amp. Does it still plug into the phono socket ?

No, use one of the other line in connections. Phono in is only for an mm cartridge, or mc with a step up transformer. Don’t connect another phono stage to the phono input.


A powered MC phonostage will plug into the line level-in socket on the Naim. A passive step up transformer will plug into the phono-in socket.


I use a cinemag based step up transformer between my cart and the SN3 phono in and it sounds killer.

Which MC phono stage are you trying to connect?

If it’s a Naim Stageline or Superline then use the powered AUX2 socket on the Supernait.

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Was considering a Rega phonoamp

Then you would just use one of the line level inputs.

Have you considerded a High Output Moving Coil - such as from Dynavector - which could connect directly to your SN3’s phono input…?

I will stick with my Rega Apheta, thanks.

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