Supernait 3 with Neat Petite 30 too bright

Hello,just my second time posting,but here it goes…
I have a Naim Supernait 3 that’s about 1 years old.I got a new pair of Neat Petite 30 speakers which I’m breaking-in at the moment(got about 300 hours on them).They’re hooked-up with 25 year old 4 meters of NAC A5 and a newish lavender din to rca.Using a Node 2i for now but will very soon get a better dac.Also,my house is 81 years old and I don’t have grounding.
Speakers are 6 feet apart and 2 feet from the rear wall.I listen to old jazz mainly and some old rock at times.My room is 12x12.After playing with positioning and speaker break-in,I find the combo to be bright.I know the 30’s can be lively and fun,but I was hoping that the top end would tame a little.My question is; will this brightness smooth-out with more break-in? Do I need newer Naca5’s? Is the Node 2i causing extra brightness? Are there speaker cables that would smooth things out a little? A warm dac perhaps? A dedicated ac line?
Please help…
Thank you.

Why did you choose those speakers?
You say you have no grounding? You must be grounded, if your mains isn’t that’s concerning!

I borrowed a used pair from a dealer and they sounded big and warm.
Yes,no grounding,crazy I know.

Try moving them back towards the wall? 2’ out for small speakers seems a lot (and I know they are rear ported).

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Yes,I did.They get a little boomy and the brightness is still there.
I actually got them now at 18 inches away wih no bungs.
I really like the sound,but the highs are too much sometimes.

How much furniture/ rugs/ carpet/ curtains do you have in your room?

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Grounding arrangements vary around the world, but assuming you are in the UK, forget messing around with HiFi and get your mains wiring checked out immediately if it is not grounded. This will have a detrimental effect on sound quality of a Naim amp, but more importantly, it is obviously unsafe and needs to be corrected now.


My thoughts precisely.

I got a rug and black-out thick curtains.My listening room is my living room,so there’s a table and my sofa is against the wall.

I’m in Canada.

Check phase also. Make sure power is away from signal leads.

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Funny thing is,I borrowed some Harbeth 30 speakers from a friend of mine,and they NEEDED brightness.And I had some good but not great sounding stuff in this room that wasn’t bright,so I know it just can’t be the fact that I got no ground.But for sure,I’ll look into that.

Hmm,I didn’t think of that.Thanks!

Make sure you aren’t phase inverted on your AC coming in, is your power cord grounded at all?
Also double check the + and - speaker terminals at amp and speaker ends to make sure they aren’t reversed, + to + and - to -
A Naim system relies significantly on grounding to perform correctly, not least the safety implications within your home in general.
I’ve got my own TT earthing arrangement here as I’m on rural overhead supply, I’d expect at a minimum you’d have that if your grid supplier doesn’t provide common grounding?

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The power cord is the one that came with the Supernait 3. Speaker terminals are all good,not reversed.
Not sure what TT earthing is.

To tell you the truth,I have an extension room in the back of the house that has an ac outlet with a ground.I used a 50 foot power cord extension to plug it there a few days ago,and the sound was similar but with less mids and a little less forward.Not that much of a difference. Certainly not night and day.

Are your speakers toed in to your listening position? If so, try turning them out slightly.

Very little toe-in,if any. Man,I tried every speaker position possible.

It’s a type of earthing/grounding for grid supply AC electricity. Because my supply is provided by overhead lines my home and all the circuits within are grounded on my property using an earthing rod, TT is short for Terra-Terra. The grounding can also provided by your electricity supplier and incorporated within the neutral back to the supplying network.
All those points aside, if the speakers don’t suit your room, have you tried others and if so how does their performance compare?
What speaker cables are you using, what is their length?

Have you turned them upside down on the stands? I’m not taking the michael, this has been known to work by lowering the tweeter to ear angle.