Supernait 3 with Neat Petite 30 too bright

LOL,really? I’ll try anything

I had Dynaudio Special 40’s for a while and I found them bright as well.
Naim NAC A5,4 meters,and they’re 25 years old!

He said the demo pair sounded fine.

He said 4m of NACA5

It’s Friday, bit slow today, I’m catching up, if not keeping up :partying_face:

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Bless you Sir.

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I also tried a used pair of Neat Petite Classic,which I borrowed from a dealer and those sounded warmer and less bright than the Neat Petite 30’s,which I bought new.

Now I’m really thinking of getting a dedicated ac line. Anyone here have any experience with that?
I don’t know anyone who has that installed at home,except audio stores.

No idea about Canada or their electrical regulations, but separate AV/Audio supplies are fairly common in the UK and relatively cheap to do assuming the cabling runs aren’t anything too complex.
I’ve even got different systems on their own separate radial circuits here for my sins!

LOL,worth it I assume?

I know it will give my system an upgrade,but will it tame my brightness somewhat?
In other words,is my brightness issue equipment related or ac related?

There’s the $1000 question!
I’d be inclined to try the speakers you already have in different system setups, a different amp, moving them to another room etc.
The main thing the dedicated radial circuits provide is optimal grounding and less interference from anything else in your home in particular noisy items like fridges as one example.

More like the $1000000 question! lol

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Optimal grounding sounds good to me right now!

Hopefully not that costly, In my case it’s only ever cost a few £100 to do it.

It’s about $600 Canadian dollars.Which is kind of expensive but maybe worth it.

It can and does make a big difference, your equipment is designed and expects to be grounded, so helping it do that with the least amount of fuss and resistance can only help.

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Have your NAC A5 cables been terminated with Naim SA8 right angled plugs at the amplifier end with suitable plugs (and same metal plating) at the speaker end? If not, try that first.

No SA8 plugs,but was thinking of doing it myself,or getting new ones.
New speaker cables that is.Naim or Witch Hat N2.

Is that enough to skew their performance that much? I know it’s recommended/optimal/preferred but that feels like we’re clutching at straws a bit now!