Supernait 3 with Uniti Star stop gap

Hello all, first post here…

I have had my Uniti Star for around 12 months and loved using it with my PMC Twenty5.23 speakers connected via Naim Nac 5 cables and LP12 record deck with a Rega Phono MM3 connected via Chord Shawline 2rca to 2rca. The LP12 is new but at the basic / starter end and I found myself listening to more streamed Tidal music than I thought as the sound quality seemed more consistently superior to me.

I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse to swap my PMC speakers for a five year older model the PMC Twenty26. I’m pleased to say they are working out rather well, the 3 speaker design offering much greater vocal clarity, wider soundstage and extended bass. However I feel the Uniti Star is now possibly a weak link and am looking at purchasing a secondhand Supernait 3 if I can find one.

My question is…
If I can continue to use the Uniti Star as a streamer, radio and cd player as an intermediate step before getting an ND5 XS2 or NDX2. Should I also use the internal phono of the Supernait 3 and disregard the Rega. If achievable how would the Uniti Star and Supernait 3 best connect. What effect if any this will offer immediately on overall sound quality.

Finally moving to an upgraded streamer how should I best connect it to the Supernait 3 and what improvements can I expect at this stage.

I’d miss the cd and radio even after upgrading, any suggestions here also appreciated. This two box Naim solution would probably be the end game for me, but we all say that eh?

Thanking you in advance for your support.

Hi 0.0

I personally wouldn’t have left the Twenty5.23’s for the 26’s. I personally use the Twenty5.26’s.
The Twenty5 range have a vastly superior tweeter and bass driver and are all round vastly superior.
However if you have already made that change and are happy then that is all that matters.
I up until recently was using mine with a Supernait2 but now using a NAP250DR which has vastly changed their character and although my system is still now running in, it is now obvious that they wanted more than a Supernait to drive and control them. Ideally a NAP300 I would imagine would yield amazing results but the 250 I would now recommend as a minimum.


Popeye :+1:t2:

The SN3 is not enough for the 26. If you really want to keep the speakers I’d get a 250DR and connect to the Star’s preamp output. Then later you could get a 272 replacement should it appear, or an NDX2, 282 and Hicap DR.

If you are thinking ‘that’s too expensive’ then that’s the problem with buying speakers that need a significant investment in electronics to do them justice.

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Thank you for your comments.
I was hoping to stick with a 2 ish box set up, looks like I’ve blown it already! I’ll look for s/h 250dr or 300, both which I presume will work with the Uniti Star and go down the upset girlfriend route.

I’m happy with the 26’s although they do need more power the’re already singing sweeter than the 25.23’s, maybe a 25.26 down the line.

Can you advise on the cable need to connect my Uniti Star and a NAP300 as it appears to split the left and right into two separate inputs?

If I carry on down this route adding a streamer (NX2) and a preamp (252?) what’s the minimum box count I’d be looking at?

I’d ideally like to try to fit it all on one Naim Fraim, with the LP12 on top if that works.

I’ve been looking at all your photos of your kit very nice!

Thanks again

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