Supernait 3

i have a supernait 3 and a problem is tune up the volume and tune the balance to the right in the same time automatic have any one here about that before, try to contact naim but no response

Do you really mean “tune”, or should it be “turn”? I’ll assume you actually mean “turn”.

I don’t own a Supernait, but would assume that perhaps something has gone wrong with your remote control, or the Supernait itself. Perhaps a factory reset of the devices would cure it?

Welcome to the forum Studio10. So you’re saying that with the balanced knob centered, when you turn up the volume the balance moves to the right?

Does the balance knob move at the same time? Or is it just what you hear?

A little imbalance at very low levels is to be expected with an analogue post such as the ALPS Blue used here (one reason for the balance control), but at higher volumes output should be equal.

I’m assuming this is a brand new unit? Does this occur with all sources? If you switch the speaker cables around does the balance then shift to the left?

I would suggest your first step would be to contact your dealer and let them know. It may be that they will want to check your unit.

the balance move at the same time as the volume the balance all to the right and volume half up automatic i move the remote to another room it is a 6 month old unit it begin after 3 hour i take to the dealer but then there is no problem (he say)?have anybody here about this problem before ?

is it Dungassin or is it gongading

That’s very odd behaviour. I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a thing before, except where there has been an issue with the remote. I do know that when batteries get low you can sometimes get weird outputs from the handset. Have you tried replacing the batteries in the remote?

And this issue occurs ONLY when you use the remote, not when you change the volume manually on the unit, correct?

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i have never change batteries i get it back tomorrow from the dealer i will try that maybe i can try to put a finger over the sensor when it start i hope nothing wrong this is my first naim unit come from hegel integrated

i try to e-mail naim but never get any response do you know why

it first time strat after 3 hour then i TURN it off and then on then again after 3 hour then i close again and then is strat instant i move the remote to another room i close all other unit i chek the wire

I would replace the batteries with fresh new ones.

When did you email Naim? What is your ticket number?

But the balance knob turns only when you adjust the volume with the remote, yes? And not when you change the volume on the Supernait directly?

If it is only when you use the remote, I would also guess that the problem is in the remote - try with fresh batteries as Richard recommended

it do it buy is self i do nothing

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Ah ok. Do you have any other remotes that may be stuck down the side or back of chairs or sofas? This is a common cause of kit seemingly having a life of its own.

Otherwise, other possible causes; do you have anything like a plasma or LCD screen immediately above the Supernait? Or any low voltage lighting in the same room?

my ticket number is 113818

and number 113808

have hue light 1 meter away and lcd tv 2 meter away and a lot of remote i will try to hide them away when i get it back Tomorrowl thanks for your help Richard. i will return if (i hope not) something gos wrong René

Ok thanks. Let us know how it goes.

:thinking: Let me think. Just realised that English probably isn’t your first language. Sorry if i offended you. Richard’s suggestions make sense to me. The only thing he hasn’t mentioned is the old “switch off and on again”, i.e. unplug the Supernait for 30 seconds them plug it in again. Good luck with solving your problem.

I bought a new Supernait 3 last month. My volume control does not vary with the balance control either manually or via remote control.