Supernait 3

I’m very happy to return after a very long time almost a decade, I had owned a full naim system on Fraim although it was an entry level pre power set up (202/200/hi cap2/napsc/power line/hi line), as I had to move out of the country where I work, had to sell. Recently ordered a Supernait last month in July’22 and was told the waiting time is 8-12 weeks however to my surprise the unit arrived early in just over 4 weeks, have the issues resolved for the supply issues? Can anyone please update if it is true or am I getting the older unit… please help

You can check the serial number with Naim support.

I think there are still a number of supply chain challenges but maybe your dealer just got lucky and an unallocated unit came up.

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Hi Richard, my SN3 went back for repair under warranty 2 months ago and still no sign, the dealer setup over here is a bit fuzzy and I’ve had no clear answers as to its status, if I provide the info is it possible via Neil to have a check as to when it might be cooked? Thanks

Neil’s not the right person here and I’m not based at the factory. Best contact for this would be Naim support.

got that email Richard - cheers

Thanks a lot @Richard.Dane, I will request for the serial number from the dealer before I proceed. Hope they don’t have any issues sharing the same.

I did not realise there we supply issues, I am new to Naim… walked into a dealer here in north London had a listening session and walked out with box sealed Supernait 3, Hiccap DR & ND5 XS2.

Checked the serial numbers all 2022 production.


That’s amazing, I’d quietly plug it all in and start enjoying it quick :slight_smile: At least one forum member received their ND5 XS2 within the past month or so, after waiting close on a year…

Did you compare the SN3 to anything else when you listened (in other words, what brought you to Naim?)?

That’s a great entry to the Naim portfolio and sure to give a lot of enjoyment.
The hardest part now will be focusing on actually enjoying it and not leaping in to the “what should I change” black hole.
Good luck…


My dealer has a couple. I think the backlog is in 250dr, and higher end pres.

That sounds a lovely combo

Today I received my Supernait 3 and was very much excited and after connecting the amplifier via Chord epic RCA interconnects to the RME ADI 2 DAC there is a hum which increases as you increase the volume, what may be the reason, even I disconnected the RCA cables still there is slight hum thru the speakers, BTW my speakers are connected via 3m Epic twin speaker cables, Appreciate your help on the issue and ways to resolve.

Will it be resolved if I use the RCA to DIN interconnects?

Is the hum different when you disconnect the DAC? Whatever it is the hum or hiss should not get louder as you turn up the volume. I had a similar issue but it was coming from one speaker, so i had to send it back to the dealer and got a replacement.

A slight hiss through the speaker is normal with the SN3.

Hey Conlego, The hum is the same whether RME connected or not.

Can you try connecting the amp in another room, ideally on a separate mains? Maybe you have some other, smaller speakers to connect to the SN3 for testing?

There are many threads about hum on the forum, basically you need to find out if it is something which causes a ground loop or if the hum is cause by DC offset (which can be sometimes solved by a DC blocker).

I know it is difficult to describe in words but maybe the hum you are experiencing is normal if you are used to a dead quiet amplifier. Can you hear the hum if you sit at your listening position when the volume knob is at 9 o clock?

Supernait 3 here with RCA throughout and no hum from speakers.
"Slight hiss if turned up silly with no music " why would you.? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I have some hum with my sn3, i had a sub connected and it would hum when the tv was on- through the speakers, i would disconnect the sub leave the tv on and and the hum goes away. I would recnnect it listening to music and then when i disconnected it again the hum remains. I did buy a dc blocker too.