Supernait and PMC

I have an opportunity to pick up a demo pair of PMC twenty 5.24i at a really good price to partner with my supernait 3. They will replace my Focal Aria 926’s.
Does anyone have this combo and what should I expect from them?

Hi @peterguest
Partly an amp thing and partly a room size dependent thing (you knew that already).
I have a SN3 with its younger sibling, the 25.23i, in a room that’s roughly 17ft x 16ft plus a bay window. How big is your room? The 23i more than fills my room and if you have a small room, the 24i may be too much for it but you’ll only know that unless you have a chance to try them. (I’m guessing you can’t which is why you are asking).

Most people agree the Supernait 3 can drive the 23i well enough. I have read a comment on here saying suggesting the SN3 can drive a 24i better (?) but I wouldn’t know.
I’m sure the SN3 will do a decent enough job with either 23i or 24i and that both PMC speakers sound better again with more Naim power up them - the PMCs do love power. I’d speculate that a SN3 driving 24i’s will still sound pretty damn good even if you’re pushing what most would find acceptable.

I do not believe, anyone could guarantee the outcome to that question. I had a pair of PMC Twenty5 26, driven by a Uniti Nova in a approximate 4.5m x 4.5m x 3.0m room (excluding bay and Chimney. It sounded, very good and easy to drive the PMC’s. I seem to remember Naim doing a roadshow for the Uniti range. I know at one venue a Nova and Twenty5 26’s were used. Admittedly, in a large room. You could try them in your room, if you can buy at good price. Then sell on if not a good match.
Personally, I find PMC speakers easier to integrate into a room than ATC speakers. It is for this reason and my preferred speaker sound, that I have a new pair of PMC Twenty5 26i speakers on order. :blush:

I use an SN3 (and a SuperUniti) with the older 20.23’s. Dont really have much to compare them with but feel that they sound very good across a wide range of material, the bass from the PMC’s is great for their size and they seem to be pretty room tolerant. I have heard Kudos 606’s with an SN3 and didnt feel that they were much better, especially given the cost difference.

Can you try them first? Just because others like them doesn’t mean you will.

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I’m buying them from a store that has just closed down (owner retiring) and they are reduced by 50%. Not going to be a chance to hear them but I would trust the sellers who’ve been in business since the 70’s I think.

From what I remember the 24i are a little more efficient so that should certainly help, and 50% off not a huge gamble if you have to move them on.

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25.24 require half the power (3dB difference) you need for 25.23 at the same volume. They are phenomenal speakers with one caveat: you need to give them enough time to settle. Out of the box, they sound like you’ve made a terrible mistake, but please be patient and you’ll be rewarded.


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